Eggbert reading the Communique

The Kirkwood newspaper, the Kirkwood Communique, has given the library a chance to write a column. Check out these articles we shared this past year.

***Please not that the URL of the Communique has changed since they have rebranded as Eagle Voice. Older articles remain online at the original website and have not be transferred over or included in the current website’s archive search.****

UPDATE October 21 2020: The previous Communique website has now been taken down. The older articles no longer seem to be online. The Eagle Voice links that previously worked for recent articles are now broken. I’m replacing them now.

Ryan Strempke-Durgin wrote our September article about database trials that were happening in September.

Uthoff, Sarah. “Kirkwood Library Offers Tools for Literacy Awareness.” Kirkwood Communique, , Eagle Voice, 30 Oct. 2019, https://www.eaglevoice.com/feature/kirkwood-library-offers-tools-for-literacy-awareness , 8 Nov. 2019.

Petersen, Julie. “Let the Library Help You Through the End of the Semester.” Kirkwood Communique, Eagle Voice, 22 Nov. 2019. https://www.eaglevoice.com/feature/let-the-library-help-you-through-the-end-of-the-semester, 13 Feb. 2020,

McKinnley, Joseph. “Keyword Searching Makes Research Easier for Today’s Students.” Kirkwood Communique, Eagle Voice, 13 Feb. 2020, https://www.eaglevoice.com/feature/keyword-searching-makes-research-easier-for-todays-students , 13 Feb. 2020.

Miller, Sue. “Kirkwood Library: Still here for you!” Kirkwood Communique, Eagle Voice, 10 Apr. 2020, https://www.eaglevoice.com/news/kirkwood-library-still-here-for-you, 13 Oct. 2020.

Still want more? Here are the links for 2016-2017 and 2017-2018!

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