Brick and Cement building with entrance doors and sign that says Library

Front of Kirkwood Cedar Rapids Library 2018

Top 7 things people often don’t realize about the library:

7. We have a 2nd floor – If you’ve ever come into the library and thought “where are all the books?” most of the books you can check out are on the second floor. It’s also our quiet study floor and the location of our group study rooms. You have to take either the elevator or stairs within the library to find it.

(Due to COVID-19 these small group study rooms have been converted to single person, Zoom class use only. Ask at the circulation desk. Find other group and individual spaces around campus. We expect once the medical crisis is over to restore these to group study rooms again. )

6. We help with citation APA/MLA Have to do a research paper? Your instructor will normally tell you they want it in APA or MLA. These are both citation systems to help you give credit to where you find the information you use. They are similar overall, but differ a lot on the details. Stop by the reference desk if you need help and find our guides at the link above.

5. We have popular books – Need something relaxing to read? While most of the library’s collection is purchased with an eye to supporting assignments, we do have a collection of popular books in a corner of the first floor for people looking for a light read.

4. We have DVDs – Looking for DVDs? We’ve got them. It’s a pretty small collection over by the copiers, but it has a lot of good stuff. You can also stream movies on the two library film databases, Kanopy and Films on Demand.

3. We’re on social media – There is more to the online library than just the library website. Find us on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to keep up to date with the library and to have fun with words, reading, and information literacy.

2. We have more databases than EBSCO – For a long time the library only offered the EBSCO set of databases. It was so long that all over campus people started to think that EBSCO and database were the same thing. Luckily today the library has A LOT more databases than just the basic EBSCO products. Click on our All Kirkwood Databases list on our website to explore all the different databases we now offer from the New York Times to videos to medical information to countries around the world and beyond!

1. We have a mascot – Last fall we got a new resident at the Cedar Rapids library, a stuffed baby eagle that you’ll be seeing more of in our online promotions. Last year we had an election for its name. The top vote getters was Eggbert. Look for him around the library and on our social media.

Sarah Uthoff is a reference library at Kirkwood Community College. LIKE the Kirkwood Community College Library on Facebook and find links to Sarah all over the web at her About Me Profile.