Extended Hours for Finals December 2016


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In order to serve you better during the lead up to finals, Kirkwood Library Services is offering extended hours at the Cedar Rapids – Main Campus Library. The Iowa City Campus Library will maintain their normal hours. Be sure to include the library in your study plan and test prep.

Sun., Dec. 4th

3:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Mon., Dec. 5th

……………..Thurs. Dec. 8th

7:30 am – 12 Midnight

Fri., Dec. 9th

7:30 am – 5:00 pm

Sat., Dec. 10th

8:30 am – 4:00 pm

Sun., Dec. 11th

3:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Mon., Dec. 12th

………….Wed., Dec. 14th

7:30 am – 12 Midnight

Thurs., Dec. 15th

7:30 am – 9:30 pm

Fri., Dec. 16th

8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Sat., Dec. 17th –  ………….Sun. Dec. 18th


Winter Break Hours for Cedar Rapids:

Mon. –  Fri.  8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Closed Sat. and Sun.

Photo courtesy of jin.thai, Creative Commons License

Do You Know How to Get A Specialized LibGuide to Help Your Students Find Stuff?


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What is a LibGuide?

A LibGuide is a brand of a company that makes interactive research tools that give students a leg up by gathering resources. Each LibGuide focuses on a particular topic and each one can have different types of resources as needed. So each LibGuide can have suggested book titles, links to ebooks, links to database articles, links to websites, contacts for organizations, embedded videos, etc. It can also include subject headings or alternative terms they might want to search. You may have already dealt with our LibGuides for MLA and APA citation.

Why Is It Valuable?

A LibGuide is useful for students new to the research process or new to a field of interest. It can save them time by steering them towards material the library owns in collections they may not have thought of searching or books that are related and can be applied, but aren’t EXACTLY on their topic. It can also get them to websites that have been prescreened by you or library staff to get them off the top couple of Google results.

Want a LibGuide?

If you have a particular subject or assignment you want a LibGuide for?

  1. Decide exactly what topic and what formats you want your LibGuide to cover.
  2. Make a list of resources you know you want included.
  3. Contact a reference librarian. – We’ll talk to you about the project and get a feel for what you are looking for and what kind of resources we might be able to add.
  4. We’ll send you a draft to preview and approve.
  5. We’ll publish it on the open web and you can link to it or tell your students where to find it online.
  6. It can be updated in the future. If you find additional resources or want some pulled or just want us to run a check for broken links, possible additions etc. let us know before you want to use it again and we’ll keep it fresh for you.
  7. NOTE: Please request AT LEAST 3 weeks before you want to use it with your class to give us a chance to commit time to your project.

Find a LibGuide

To find any of our LibGuides

  1. Go to the Library website.
  2. Click on the Explore Our Help Guide button (under the chat with a librarian box).
  3. Use the search box to find your topic or click on the hyperlink word LibGuides just above the title Library Help to get an A to Z list.

If you are doing research, you may also want to do a Google search with your topic and the word LibGuide to search for such guides made by libraries all over the world that might point you in the direction of new resources.

Links to Some of The Books Recently Added to the Collection:

Odds and Ends 29

Odds and Ends 30


Our Special Display This Month

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Popular Books

Harry Potter

Kirkwood Library’s 50th Anniversary


Student Scheduling Our Group Study Rooms

Writing Center Scheduling


Exam Cram – Get Geared Up for Finals

Tech Tips

How To Print in Color

Our Database of the Month

We want to make sure that everyone knows both our Films on Demand  and Kanopy database videos come with Public Performance Rights on campus. So they can be used at events as well as in class.

Want to schedule time in the library or for us to come into your class?

Click Here

What if the library doesn’t have a book you want?

Click Here

And remember you contact us at the library any time by phone, e-mail, chat, or stop on by! We’re always glad to see you! Look for the next issue of our newsletter. And remember you contact us at the library any time by phone, e-mail, chat, or stop on by! We’re always glad to see you! Look for the next issue of our newsletter.

Thanksgiving Break 2016


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The hours below are for the Cedar Rapids branch on the Main Campus. The Iowa City branch will be open their normal hours on Sat., November 19th and then will be closed the following week. So Iowa City will be closed Sun., Nov. 20th – Sun., Nov. 27th.

Sat., Nov. 19th

8:30 am – 4:00 pm

Sun., Nov. 20th


Mon., Nov. 21st   –              ……………Tues., Nov. 22nd

8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Wed., Nov. 23rd –                     ………………..Sat., Nov. 26th


Sun., Nov. 27th

3:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Watch for Special Final Friendly Hours!

And remember come to Exam Cram in Cedar Rapids on December 1st!

EXAM CRAM, Fall 2016


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On Thursday, December 1st, your Cedar Rapids Kirkwood Library and Tutoring Services  (2071 Cedar Hall) will hold its semi-annual “Exam Cram” event from 8AM until 9PM. This is the kick-off for that intense semester period of paper writing and exam taking! Tutoring Services will provide math, science and computer skills help throughout the day. While the library 1st floor will host a variety of special activities for stress relief and fun, including a special table hosted by Kirkwood’s counselors from Student Services. Oh, and let’s not forget the library’s coffee, hot chocolate, cookies and popcorn! Attend both locations for a chance to win one of many student door prizes being given away (provided by the Café, Campus Bookstore, Student Life and Eagle Tech).

Now for more of the fun. The library will have adult coloring, puzzles, holiday crafts and electric massage chairs when you need to take a break. Kristi Murdock, Animal Health Technology, will provide a therapy dog visit during activity hour (11:15AM ) outside the library classroom. (And as a bonus, there are plans for a second visit during finals week on Monday, December 12th around 10AM.)

Need more relaxation? On December 8th, Kirkwood’s very own nursing instructor, Nicoleta Nica, will be providing a workshop on essential oils in the library classroom during activity hour (11:15AM). This will be open to students, faculty and staff.

Then once exams begin on December 9th, the library will be providing coffee, hot chocolate and tea to get you through those late nights! There will be extended library hours beginning Sunday, December 4th through Wednesday, December 14th. What more could a student ask for? But if you have other ideas or suggestions, email us: library@kirkwood.edu

We’re here to serve you!

Updates to the day’s activities will be posted here and on the library’s Facebook page, so check back often and plan to visit your Kirkwood Library and Tutoring Services on Thursday, December 1st!

New Books: College Cookbooks


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From time to time, when we get a collection of related books into the library we like to share a list on a particular topic. This post is about student cookbooks. These titles are housed in Cedar Rapids, but you can request them to be delivered to any of the other centers at any time.

Call Number: 641.5 D131c Title: College Kids Cook Author: Carol Field Dahlstrom

Call Number: 641.5 N713h Title: The Healthy College Cookbook: Quick, Cheap, Easy Authors: Alexandra Nimetz, Jason Stanley, and Emeline Starr

Call Number: 641.5 H936h Title: The Hungry Student Cookbook: 200+ Quick and Simple Recipes Authors: Cara Frost-Sharratt and Pauline Bache

Call Number: 641.55 R288 Title: The Really Hungry Student Cookbook: How to Eat Well on a Budget Authors: Amanda Grant, Amanda Rigg, Dan May, Sunil Vijayakar, Fiona Smith, Hannah Miles, Miranda Ballard, Ghillie Basan, Susannah Blake, Ross Dobson, Tonia George, Laura Washburn, and Ryland Peters

Sarah Uthoff is a reference library at Kirkwood Community College. LIKE the Kirkwood Community College Library on Facebook and find links to Sarah all over the web at her About Me Profile.

Find Popular Books in the Library


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For a long time Kirkwood Library Services really wasn’t budgeted for books not specifically related to classes. Two years ago we received a grant courtesy of the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation and Popular Books1were able to use to the funds to create a popular books section on the Cedar Rapids campus. The response was so positive that we are now buying popular books for recreational reading. This collection concentrates on popular, mostly YA, fiction along with a small section of graphic novels. Our goal is to increase student pleasure reading.

The popular book collection in Cedar Rapids is now located in the corner just to the left of Circulation. The shelf order is a little different than in other sections of the library. Instead of using their Dewey Number, Popular books are shelved by and labeled with the first 3 letters of their author’s last name. Popular books are easily recognizable by the yellow PB label above their spine label and the bright red label with the first letter of the author’s last name on the top of the spine.

A second part of the grant was to establish Little Free Libraries (small libraries in a box where people can take a book or a leave a book not cataloged in our collection). You can find them at the county centers around Kirkwood’s service area.

There is also a popular book section in Iowa City, so check them out! Let your students know where to find popular books courtesy of Library Services and encourage them to read.

Sarah Uthoff is a reference library at Kirkwood Community College. LIKE the Kirkwood Community College Library on Facebook and find links to Sarah all over the web at her About Me Profile.

New Books: Paranormal


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From time to time, when we get a collection of related books into the library we like to share a list on a particular topic. This post is about paranormal or paranormal SOUNDING spooky titles in honor of Halloween. These titles are housed in Cedar Rapids, but you can request them to be delivered to any of the other centers at any time.


Call Number: 001.9 F216u Title: Unsolved Mysteries of the Sea: An Eye-Opening Exploration of Lost Lands, Phantom Ships, and Denizens of the Deep Authors: Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe

Call Number: 006.301 K174h Title: Humans Need Not Apply: A Guide to Wealth and Work in the Age of Artificial Intelligence Author: Jerry Kaplan

Call Number: 133.4 B155m Title: Magic and Superstition in Europe: A Concise History From Antiquity to the Present Author: Michael D. Bailey

Call Number: 133.88 H438p Title: The PK Zone: A Cross-Cultural Review of Psychokinesis Author: Pamela Rae Heath, M.D., Psy.D.

Call Number: 202.3 A452a Title: Afterlife: A History of Life After Death Author: Philip C. Almond

Call Number: 576.839 L743h Title: The Hunt for Alien Life: A Wider Perspective Author: Peter Linde

Call Number: 620.414 P493h Title: How We’ll Live on Mars Author: Stephen L. Petranek

Sarah Uthoff is a reference library at Kirkwood Community College. LIKE the Kirkwood Community College Library on Facebook and find links to Sarah all over the web at her About Me Profile.

Print in Color


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Do you have an assignment that requires students to be print in color? Or are you someone who needs color printing done?

Where Can You Find a Color Printer?

Color Printing

Color Printing

Color printing for students is not available at most locations on any Kirkwood campus. Also be aware that while black and white printing takes 5 cents a page off the student print ration for each page printed, color printing takes 10 cents a page. These locations were confirmed earlier this year.

  • It’s available on the Cedar Rapids campus at both the library and at the Allsop Lab in Nielsen Hall.
  • On the Iowa City campus color printing is only available in the library.
  • The Benton County Center does NOT offer color printing.
  • The Cedar County Kirkwood Center has a color printer.
  • The Iowa County Kirkwood Center has one color printer by the front desk.
  • The Jones Regional Education Center has two color printers available.
  • The Linn Regional Kirkwood Center as a color copier that can print in the office. Students have to know that and do a printer search on the student computers or has for help according to their office.
  • The Tippie-Mansfield Center Coordinator in Belle Plaine has a color printer.
  • The Washington County Regional Center has a single color printer available in the office. Students can print there from Kirkwood computers, but when the office is closed they have to find a staff member to retrieve their printing.

What Are the Steps To Print in Color?

The IT policy is that all printers must default to black and white so it’s a little more complicated than you might think to print in color, especially the first time. We STRONGLY advise people printing color at Kirkwood for the first time to ask for help and we’re glad to help you more than once.

You’ll need to:

  • Click on Print
  • Select the color printer (it will not be the default printer on any Kirkwood computer – ask at the desk if you’re unsure which is the color printer)
  • Depending on the print box for various programs the way to do this will differ, but you need to get into Printer Properties and select printing in color instead of the default of printing in black and white.
  • Often people printing in color want to print single sided to prevent color bleed through, if you do select single sided at this point. The way you select single sided differs depending on the print box that goes with the particular program you are printing from. Sometimes you have to go into printer properties, other times it will be on the opening screen of the print box. Generally you want to look for something that says double sided and uncheck the box in front, select where it says single-sided or select off from the dropdown menu.
  • Don’t forget that student color printing takes double the amount of credit black and white printing does from the Kirkwood print ration.

Color Copier?

A color copier is a machine where you photocopy a color image (paper, identity card, photograph, etc.) and prints a color image. This is different from a color printer that requires a digital image. While there are limits on where you can find color printers at Kirkwood, color copiers are even more rare. If you want to copy a color image of something you have in paper, you’re better off going to a copy shop unless you are at Linn Regional that has a color copier available for students.

Sarah Uthoff is a reference library at Kirkwood Community College. LIKE the Kirkwood Community College Library on Facebook and find links to Sarah all over the web at her About Me Profile.

Writing Center Scheduling



The Writing Center has recently switched over to an all online reservation system for their appointments. Even though they are a separate Kirkwood department, we thought it would be useful for our students to have the directions for reserving a slot.

The Writing Center requires reservations, but in the event of a no show they will take walk-ins after 10 minutes or if a reservation slot is unfilled.

How to schedule an appointment for the Kirkwood Main Campus Writing Center

  1. Open your browser to https://kirkwood.mywconlinnet
  1. Where it says “First time?” click on “Register for an account.”


  1. Fill in all required information.
  1. Click “REGISTER” at the bottom.

If you did it right, you now have an account.

  1. Log in with your email and password.
  1. Find a time to schedule an appointment and click on the white square.
  1. Fill in the required information to make an appointment.
  1. Click “SAVE APPOINTMENT.” You can cancel it if you need to.

Group Study Room Online Reservation System

You asked and we answered! As a result of the faculty and student surveys the library did last year, we will now be reserving three of the six group study rooms on the second floor of the main campus library.

Beginninlibrary-photos-223g October 15th, students, faculty and staff can go to this website: http://libcal.kirkwood.edu/booking/rooms or click on the library homepage link to make reservations. Two of these rooms (BH 251 and 257) will accommodate up to six people, while the third (BH 258) will accommodate four. Study rooms can be booked beginning at 8 AM Monday through Friday, and ending at 8:50 PM during the week and 4:30 PM on Fridays. (For your convenience, time slots will match Kirkwood’s class times.) Currently, there will be no reservations on the weekends or from 8:50 – 11 PM Monday through Thursday.

Here are a few other rules to keep in mind:

  • There must be at least two people to reserve a room.
  • You must use your Kirkwood email to reserve a room as an email confirmation will be sent. Please use this email to change or cancel a booking.
  • Reservations can be made up to four weeks in advance.
  • Multiple reservations can be made, but only two consecutive hours are allowed.
  • Bookings can be made up to 8AM of the day you are reserving, but no later.
  • If a group does not show up within ten minutes of their scheduled time, the reservation will be cancelled.

Of course, there will still be three study rooms available on a first come, first served basis and you are always welcome to use any room that has not been booked or whose occupants fail to show up within the allotted time.

Any questions? Be sure to contact your friendly librarian at the reference desk.