November is Information Literacy Month 2019



Information literacy means making sure people can find, evaluate for quality and use the information that they need. This can be for school related subjects, like picking good resources for a research paper or speech, or it can be for everyday life, like picking out the best loan or credit card for you.

Library Services is the heart of information literacy here at Kirkwood Community College. We not only help students, faculty, and staff with individual questions, but we offer instruction to classes through face to face classes, videos, and databases, Brain Fuse that is directed more to the individual and Credo Instruct that can be accessed both by individual students and dropped in Talon as objects that can then connect with class gradebooks.

Kirkwood Library Services has done several things over the years to celebrate and promote this event. This year we’re adding to our series of blog posts. Watch for them all month to learn more about information literacy. Check out previous information literacy posts on this roundup.

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Happy Halloween 2019 Ghost Words and Other Horrors


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Chalkline Drawing

Here are the stories of some spooky words!

A ghost word is a word that doesn’t really exist that is listed in reference work. Merriam-Webster confesses below to how D or d became Dord in the Merriam-Webster 2nd edition.

Then find out more ghost words, courtesy of Grammarly.

A word that most people might take to be a ghost word, but isn’t, is spoopy. It means something meant to be scary, but honestly kind of cute instead. Think of a dog in a ghost costume.

Merriam-Webster also shares the origin of some more seriously spooky words.

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New Books Happy Halloween 2019



Halloween is the time to read a spooky or paranormal book to get a good scare. This year’s list is short and happy. We hope you enjoy them. Boo to you! Check out our spookier lists from 2017 and  2018. These titles are housed in Cedar Rapids, but you can request them to be delivered to any of the other centers at any time.

Cover of Halloween Hustle10 Trick-or-Treaters: A Halloween Counting Book  by Janet Schulman, Call Number: CL Easy Reading 394.264 S386t

Halloween Hustle by Charlotte Gunnufson, Call Number: CL Easy Reading 394.264 G976h

How to Catch a Monster by Adam Wallace, Call Number: CL Easy Reading 394.264 W187h

Mr. Pumpkin’s Tea Party by Erin Barker,  Call Number: CL Easy Reading 394.264 B255m

And for a creepy bonus one from our regular collection:

Never Home Alone: From Microbes to Millipedes, Camel Crickets to Honeybees, the Natural History of WHERE WE LIVE! by Rob Dunn, Call Number: 570 D923n

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New Books: Odds and Ends 60



From time to time, when we get a collection of related books into the library we like to share a list on a particular topic, but lately we’ve had some books  come in that are too good not to share, even if they don’t fit with a particular theme. These titles are housed in Cedar Rapids, but you can request them to be delivered to any of the other centers at any time.

Cover of the 100 Worst Ideas in History100 of the Worst Ideas in History: Humanity’s Thundering Brainstorms Turned Blundering Brain Farts, Call Number: 909 S655o

Academic Leadership: A Practical Guide to Chairing the Department (2nd ed.) by Deryl R. Leaming, Call Number: 378.1 L436a

The All-American Cowboy Cookbook: Home Cooking on the Range – Over 300 Recipes from the World’s Greatest Cowboys by Ken Beck and Jim Clark, Call Number: 641.597 B393a

American Journal: Fifty Poems for Our Time by Tracy K. Smith, Call Number: 811.6 A512j

Biased: Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice That Shapes What We See, Think, and Do by Jennifer L. Eberhardt, Call Number: 303.3 E162b

Blood, Bones, and Butter: The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef by Gabrielle Hamilton, Call Number: 641.509 H218b

College Cookbook: An Alternative Plan to the Meal Plan, 200 Quick, Cheap, Nutritious Recipes (Updated edition) by Geri Harrington, Call Number: 641.5 H299c

Emergency Doctor by Edward Ziegler in cooperation with Lewis A. Goldfrank, Call Number: 362.18 Z662e

Founding Finance: How Debt, Speculation, Foreclosures, Protests, and Crackdowns Made Us a Nation by William Hogeland, Call Number: 336.73 H715f

A History of Modern Italy: Transformation and Continuity, 1796 to the Present by Anthony L. Cardoza, Call Number: 945.09 C268h

How to Invent Everything: A Survival Guide for the Stranded Time Traveler by Ryan North, Call Number: 609 N866h

Immigrant America: A Portrait (4th ed. Revised, Updated, and Expanded) by Alejandro Portes and Ruben G. Rumbaut, Call Number: 304.873 P849i

In Search of Deeper Learning: The Quest to Remake the American High School by Jal Mehta and Sarah Fine, Call Number: 373 M498i

Mandela: His Essential Life by Peter Hain, Call Number: 968.065 M271h

A Nation by Design: Immigration Policy in the Fashioning of America by Aristide R. Zolberg. Call Number: 325.73 Z86n

Neither Wolf Nor Dog: On Forgotten Roads With an Indian Elder by Kent Nerburn, Call Number: 978.004 N443n

The New Childhood: Raising Kids to Thrive in a Connected World by Jordan Shapiro, Call Number: 302.231 S529n

Cover of How to Invent EverythingOutsiders: Five Women Writers Who Changed the World (Mary Shelley, Emily Bronte, Virginia Woolf, George Eliot, Olive Schreiner) by Lyndall Gordon, Call Number: 820.992 G663o

Parkland: Birth of a Movement by Dave Cullen, Call Number: 371.782 C967p

Parkland Speaks: Survivors From Majory Stoneman Douglas Share Their Stories, Edited by Sarah Lerner, Call Number: CL 371.782 M344p

The Plot To Destroy Democracy: How Putin and His Spies Are Undermining America and Dismantling the West by Malcolm Nance, 324.973 N176

Social Skills: Developing Effective Interpersonal Communication by Alex Kelly, Call Number: 302 K295s

Topgun: An American Story by Dan Pedersen, Call Number: 358.4 P371t
NOTE: The story of the founder of the Topgun Program. Find out about being a naval aviator.

When the Body Says No: Exploring the Stress-Disease Connection by Gabor Mate, Call Number: 616.08 M425w 2011

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New Health Reference Database

omnigraphics_logo  Kirkwood Library Services announces subscription access to an extensive set of consumer health reference books. These 82 (and counting) books cover a wide range of health topics, including stress, cancer, women’s health, men’s health, sexual health, dental, depression, diet & nutrition, and many more.

All titles contain basic, authoritative information presented in language understandable to non-experts. They provide background information on each topic, as well as in-depth discussion of treatment options and prevention, key statistics, and sources for further research. This database is updated regularly as new editions are published for each topic. It’s the perfect resource for a student researching a health topic for a speech or essay.

These titles are full-text searchable directly from the Health Reference Series database, and searchable by subject keyword through the Library’s WorldCat Search. As with most of our subscription databases, this is available to all Kirkwood faculty, staff, and students, on or off campus, by logging in with your k number and password.


Let’s All Read – Binti


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This year the Kirkwood Library has chosen the book Binti by Nnedi Okorafor as our book to get people reading and talking. We’ve purchased multiple copies of this book, so come in to the Cedar Rapids campus library and check out a copy for our normal 3-week checkout period.  

The Kirkwood student reading club, Reader’s Haven, will be meeting to discuss the book on Thursday, October 24 at 11:15. The club is open to all students so if you would like to join in this discussion please stop in!

Nnedi Okorafor is a Nigerian American author of African-based science fiction, fantasy and magical realism for both children and adults and a professor at the University at Buffalo, New York. Her works include Who Fears Death, the Binti novella trilogy, the Book of Phoenix, the Akata books and Lagoon. She is the winner of Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy Awards and her debut novel Zahrah the Windseeker won the prestigious Wole Soyinka Prize for Literature.

About Binti Her name is Binti, and she is the first of the Himba people ever to be offered a place at Oomza University, the finest institution of higher learning in the galaxy. But to accept the offer will mean giving up her place in her family to travel between the stars among strangers who do not share her ways or respect her customs.

If Binti hopes to survive the legacy of a war not of her making, she will need both the gifts of her people and the wisdom enshrined within the University, itself – but first she has to make it there, alive.

Let us know! Have you read this book? What did you think of it?

Hot New Debate Topics 2019


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Persuasive speeches/papers are a common assignment. It’s always good when students can stretch beyond the perennial favorites (like abortion and the death penalty) and find something that reflects current events. We recently refreshed our debate books section. Take a scan through and look for topics. Or check out our last list.

Most of these titles are in our Debate collection. (Learn a little bit more about how to use the Debate Collection). In Cedar Rapids these titles NOW check out, but can also be used in the library and can be photocopied. The books in the Opposing Viewpoints series below can be found by the individual chapter as Viewpoints within our Opposing Viewpoints database. Also find subjects with pro/con debates in CQ Researcher.

The rest of the titles are in our circulating collection on the second floor, but are on popular topics. If there is a topic you’d like to see information on that isn’t covered, please let us know.

Close-up of a part of a shelf of debate books with pink labels

Aging in the Family by George E. Dickinson and Brenda S. Sanders, Call Number: 305.26 D553a

America’s Infrastructure: At Issue by Lisa Idzikowski, Call Number: DEBATE 363.609 A512

Athletes, Ethics, and Morality: Opposing Viewpoints, Edited by Martin Gitlin, Call Number: DEBATE 796.01 A871

Cover of America's InfrastructureCampaign Finance: Opposing Viewpoints, Edited by Kathryn Roberts, Call Number: DEBATE 324.78 C186c

Charter Schools and School Vouchers: Opposing Viewpoints, Edited by Pete Schauer, Call Number: DEBATE 379.1 C486

Classified Intelligence and Leaks:Opposing Viewpoints, Edited by Lisa Idzikowski, Call Number: DEBATE 327.127 H498c

Commercial Space Exploration: Opposing Viewpoints, Edited by M.M. Eboch, Call Number: DEBATE 338.099 C734

Debating Genocide by Lisa Pine, Call Number: 304.663 P649d

Eating Disorders in America: Contemporary World Issues by David E. Newton, Call Number: 362.196 N562e

The Economics of Clean Energy: Current Controversies, Edited by Kathryn Roberts, Call Number: DEBATE 333.79 E197e

Ethical Pet Ownership: Puppy Mills, Rescue Pets, and Exotic Animal Trade: At Issue by Lisa Idzikowski, Call Number: DEBATE 636.088 E842

Gentrification and the Housing Crisis: Opposing Viewpoints, Edited by Marcia Amidon Lusted, Call Number: DEBATE 307.34 G339

Globalization: Current Controversies, Edited by Yea Jee Bae, Call Number: DEBATE 303.48 G562

Cover of Eating Disorders in AmericaHarm Reduction: Public Health Strategies: Opposing Viewpoints, Edited by Barbara Krasner, Call Number: 362.29 H287

The Harm in Hate Speech by Jeremy Waldron, Call Number: 345.73 W167h

Hate: Why We Should Resist It with Free Speech, Not Censorship by Nadine Strossen Call Number: 342.73 S924h

Homeschooling: The History and Philosophy of a Controversial Practice by James G. Dwyer and Shawn F. Peters, Call Number: 371.042 D993h

Interference in Elections: Current Controversies, Edited by Kristina Lyn Heitkamp, Call Number: 324.973 I611

Learned Helplessness, Welfare, and the Poverty Cycle: Current Controversies, Edited by Kristina Lyn Heitkamp, Call Number: 362.509 L438

Masculinity in the Twenty-First Century: Opposing Viewpoints, Edited by M.M. Eboch, Call Number: 305.31 M395

Meat Planet: Artificial Flesh and the Future of Food by Benjamin Aldes Wurgaft, Call Number: 664.929 W967m

Migrant Crossings: Witnessing Human Trafficking in the U.S. by Annie Isabel, Fukushima, Call Number: 306.362

The NFL National Anthem Protests by Margaret Haerens, Call Number; 796.332 H136n

Pesticides and GMOs: Opposing Viewpoints by Yea Jee Bae, Call Number: 628.5 P476

Politics and Journalism in a Post-Truth World: Opposing Viewpoints by Martin Gitlin, Call Number: 070.4 P769

The Role of Religion in Public Policy: At Issue by Eamon Doyle, Call Number: Debate 322.109 R745r

School Shootings and the Never Again Movement: 21st Century Turning Points by Laurie Collier Hillstrom, Call Number: 371.782 H655s

Self-Driving Cars: Opposing Viewpoints, Edited by Lisa Idzikowski and Pete Schauer, Call Number: DEBATE 388.342 S465

Sex and Gender in the 2016 Presidential Election by Caroline Heldman, Meredith Conroy, and Alissa R. Ackerman, Call Number: 324.973 H474s

Troll Factories: Russia’s Web Brigades: At Issue by Andrew Karpan, Call Number:  DEBATE 005.8 T846t

The Two-Party System in the United States, Edited by Barbara Kasner, Call Number: DEBATE 324.273 T974t

Vegetarianism and Veganism: Contemporary World Issues by David E. Newton, Call Number: 613.262 n562v

Violence Against Women: Global Viewpoints, Edited by Kathryn Roberts, Call Number: DEBATE 362.88 V795a

We the People: The 500-Year Battle Over Who is American by Ben Railton, Call Number: 305.8 R152w

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Eggbert Has Starring Role on Game Show


Sadly the video doesn’t give his name – Eggbert – or his job as the Kirkwood Library Services mascot, but he did get a starring role in the “What’s in the Backpack?” game show. So he wants to know, what did he win?

While it was a Student Life event they wanted to make clear to Eggbert it wasn’t their video. They’d have used his name because they are big fans. 😂

Sarah Uthoff is a reference library at Kirkwood Community College. LIKE the Kirkwood Community College Library on Facebook and find links to Sarah all over the web at her About Me Profile.

Banning Dictionaries and Maps in China and India


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“You know the very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common. They don’t alter their views to fit the facts. They alter the facts to fit the views. Which can be uncomfortable if you happen to be one of the facts that needs altering.”

Or at least so says the Doctor in the Doctor Who episode, “The Face of Evil,” originally airing in 1977.

One way “changing the facts” happens is by banning or altering books. In China, among other things, definitions in dictionaries that contradict the Chinese government’s worldview, for example that Taiwan doesn’t exist as a separate country, has led to them defacing dictionaries by tearing or pages or covering with stickers. And it isn’t only China. India insists on all imported texts that mention Kashmir, even magazines, have content saying the Kashmir region is contested between India, Pakistan, and China instead of 100% Indian will be defaced to remove or cover up the maps.

Banning means you can’t get a copy to decide for yourself.

Sarah Uthoff is a reference library at Kirkwood Community College. LIKE the Kirkwood Community College Library on Facebook and find links to Sarah all over the web at her About Me Profile.

Info to Know Fall 2019



Here is a collection of information of things on the Kirkwood Community College Campuses that you should know about!

You have to learn to speak the language of college, but you don’t have to start out knowing it. Check out these tips. Find a more in-depth list of college terms courtesy of the University of Georgia. Some of the things in the Georgia PDF are specific to that school, but the majority of the terms fit any college.

Experiment with a different browser to start the school year. It’s helpful to have more than one on your computer, especially when trouble shooting.

What’s Kirkwood’s Student Body like?

Check out some words of advice from the U.S. Department of Education.

Find some books here in our library to help you find your footing as a student or graduate.

Want some tools to hack college? Check out these websites.

Get hung up on certain words than/then, effect/affect, insure/assure/ensure? Get the run down here. (Scroll down past the ad.), And here whose/who’s.


Kirkwood has an app you should be sure to download. Find instructions on where to find it.


Learn more about it here.

To add a course, if the class has not met yet, students can call One Stop 319-398-7600.  For any class that has met, students will need to fill out a form. Get the form from the department of the class’ office and ask them about the particular class. For the first week you just need the instructor’s signature. The following week you also need the Dean’s.

Students may drop classes through Eaglenet until the last day set on the academic calendar each semester. To check for the important dates for any particular class double check here.

For Distance Learning classes in general check this page.

Add-Drop Tuition Swap

Kirkwood no longer gives a full refund to students who both drop a class and add a class in the second week of classes. This is sometimes called the second week “wash” or “tuition swap” – Kirkwood refunds 50% for all drops in the second week for 16-week classes.
Find full Refund Policy.


The Kirkwood Library Blog offers lists of interesting and helpful books. Each Fall we put out a new list of books that might be helpful to college students. Here’s this year’s list.


Don’t know who your adviser is? Log into My Hub, click on “Education” on the left hand column, look for the box on the right hand side labeled “My Advising” and click on “View My Advisers”. Note you have to click on the hyperlink at the bottom, just click anywhere in the box won’t work.

Set up an appointment to talk to them about your schedule and your overall path through your program. Contact the Advising and Transfer Center at 319-398-5540. Find answers to basic questions about class scheduling type issues here.

Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol is never allowed on campus without special written permission.


There is only one ATM available on the Cedar Rapids campus. It’s located near the cafeteria by Student Life and the US Bank campus branch. On the Iowa City campus there is one available next to the One Stop Office.

Book List

Find a list of your list of textbooks you need for all your classes.

To find your list of textbooks:
1. Go to
2. It will pop up with a screen asking you to log in with your k-number and password
3. This will generate a list for all your classes. They are very brief entries but will give you an abbreviated title, ISBN, and which class it’s for.

Book Club

Share your love of books and reading with other student readers. Read what you like. Share your thoughts. Make and take reading recommendations. Each semester we will decide on additional activities and determine if we want to focus on any reading themes. Contact club adviser Julie Petersen,

Book Return – Library

On the Cedar Rapids campus you can return books you’ve checked out in the drop at the circulation desk, the slot right outside the library doors, and the outside bookdrop. You can find the outside bookdrop right here.

At the Iowa City branch return books at the desk and in the library book return box (a large black box) across from the library doors. There is also a book return box available in the parking lot.

You can return books at the office at any of the centers.

Books and Articles The Library Doesn’t Own

The library doesn’t collect textbooks (scroll to textbooks below), but for any other type of book we’ll be glad to try to help you get a copy either by buying it or by borrowing a copy from another library. This is also true for articles we don’t have in full text.

Bus Passes for Free

Starting this fall a new partnership between the Cedar Rapids Transit System and Kirkwood will allow all students to ride any of the Cedar Rapids bus routes for free. Previously a sticker was required, but it no longer is.

If you’re waiting for a Cedar Rapids bus and wonder where it’s at, simply go to Through an interactive map, click on the route number and an arrow will show exactly which street or intersection your bus is at and watch an arrow representing the bus as it moves along down the street. Remember the routes that come to Kirkwood are 7 and 7a.

Here is the map and the route schedule. The routes in use are the ones established July 1, 2017. They haven’t changed this year.


Find the calendars with important dates, which days school will be closed, and final exam schedule here:

Campus Health Replacement

Mercy has a clinic next to the Kirkwood Hotel and the Kirkwood administration is working to maintain Kirkwood’s support for student health. Find out more.

The previous campus health department is now closed. Previous services such as the food bank and other basic needs give aways are now done through security. Contact their office for more information: 319-389-1774 or email

Campus Map

In Spring 2018 they updated the campus map so it no longer uses a key and directory, but labels the buildings directly.

Campus Safety/ Security

Find information about how to stay safe on campus, safety related policies (and doing what can get you into trouble, and the yearly statistics. For more on what Security can do for you, scroll down to Security below.

Car Service

For only $8 let Automotive Technology perform a full vehicle inspection. They will inspect the condition of the brakes, belts, fluids, and test the battery. It is open to anyone with a vehicle that is not European and no older than 8 years. The service is available on Mondays and Wednesdays, from October to May, by appointment only. Schedule an appointment by calling (319) 398-5479 or e-mailing

Car Troubles

For some car troubles you can ask security for help, for others they can loan you equipment and give advice. Learn more here:
Contact security by calling (319) 398-5561 from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday or calling (319) 389-1774 after hours and on weekends.

Career Services

The Career Services department offers a variety of job seeking skill and career decision-making workshops, as well as individual appointments that are free to Kirkwood Community College students. Career Services assists students in career exploration and job-seeking skills. Some of the job seeking skills help includes resume building and interview coaching. For more information, including dates and times, please visit

Class Schedule Problems – Scroll to Adviser above


Kirkwood Community College supports a wide range of interests with more than 80 clubs registered with Student Life. Check out the list:

Scroll up to Book Club

Color Printing

Find out about color printing on all campuses in this blog post:

Scroll down to Printing and Print Quota for more printing information.

Computer Lab in Cedar Rapids— 131 Nielsen Hall

The Allsop Computer lab in 131 Nielsen Hall is the main lab on the Cedar Rapids campus. It houses 105 PCs and 4 iMacs, two copier/printers plus two scanners, a color printer and a regular printer. All programs needed for classes are offered on the Allsop computer lab computers, but not every computer has every program, ask at the help desk if you need a specific program so they can direct you to the correct computers. No classes or labs are scheduled in the quiet study areas. The walk-in lab is meant for students doing research and homework. Students are required to swipe their Eagle card upon entering/exiting the computer labs. No food or drinks are allowed in the computer labs. Computer lab hours are subject to change during inclement weather. The same policies and guidelines apply as in the computer classrooms.

Computer Lab in Iowa City

The Iowa City computer lab is part of the library.

Confidential Counseling Services – It’s FREE

Life can be overwhelming. Roommate issues? Relationship issues? Class/test concerns? Personal issues?  You don’t have to face it alone. Help is right here on campus.  Counselors are available in 108 Iowa Hall, Mon. – Fri., 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Contact us at 319-398-5540 or visit to learn more.

Cost Per Class

The cost per class is actually figured out by credit hour. Find more information:

Crisis Help

Crisis Contact Information Kirkwood Community College



Your permanent EagleCard is your official Kirkwood Community College identification. Get it after you register for credit classes. Your Eaglecard is also your LIBRARY CARD. Carry it with you at all times while you are on campus and you’ll avoid a lot of headaches with different departments and you’ll get all of your student benefits. (Library Note: We have some items, such as the laptops, that we only check out if you have your physical card in hand.)

Present a government-issued photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc) at one of these locations:

  • EagleCard office (Nielsen Hall – Room 131 which is within the Allsop Computer Lab) Phone 319-398-5411, ext. 5680
  • Kirkwood Rec Center (main campus)
  • Iowa City Campus Bookstore
  • Any county center office

The EagleCard Office is inside the Allsop Computer Lab and is open the same hours.


EagleCash is money that you put on your EagleCard that you can use in various places around campus rather than carry cash.


EagleNet is Kirkwood’s student information services portal. Access a variety of info including class schedules, degree audits, and more.


Students can fax for free at the Cedar Rapids Kirkwood library. Ask at the Circulation desk.

Finance Department for Employees

The Finance Department manages general Kirkwood Community College business including, but not limited to, departmental deposits, Pcard pick up,and payment or reimbursement requests. The Finance office is located at The Kirkwood Center, south of The Hotel at Kirkwood.

DIRECTIONS: From Kirkwood Boulevard, use the parking lot south of 76th Ave. (opposite side of The Hotel). Enter the doors to The Kirkwood Center Atrium. Finance is located on the other side of the reception area. For specific questions, please contact at ext. 5555.

Full Time Student Load

You must take 12 or more credits each semester to be considered a full-time student. Anything less than 12 credit hours is considered part-time, except during the summer semester when 9 credit hours is full-time You are considered a full time student if you take the full load both fall and spring semester, taking classes during the summer is optional, but if you do take them you have to take 9 hours to maintain your full-time status.

General Student FAQs

Find some questions the college office gets a lot here:

Get Published

Faculty, staff and students can submit both writing and artwork to the Kirkwood publication, The Cedar Divide.


You should be able to find your grades in the class list on My Hub under GPA calculator. However, if you have trouble finding it go to, log in with your k-number and password and find your grades on your unofficial transcript listed there.


Check out these cookbooks in library aimed at college students. There are two locations of the Cafe on campus, one on the 2nd floor of Iowa Hall and one in the lobby area of Linn Hall. They normally have the same hours. There are also vending machines around campus with a variety of snacks and beverages.

International Students

Find all of the information you need regarding international student support services at  Scroll to the bottom of that page to find the International Events Calendar.  Join in any of the activities or stop by the International Student Office in Linn Hall 1154 for any additional information.

Internet Guidelines

Taken from The Policy for Responsible Use of Information Technology, Kirkwood Community College

  • Accessing the internet is a privilege granted for the primary purpose of conducting research, completing class assignments, and gaining familiarity with evolving electronic communications.
  • Users shall not send offensive, threatening, abusive, obscene, or other such messages to anyone who may be using the system.
  • Users shall not use Kirkwood’s computing resources to copy, generate, or transmit obscene files publicly accessible.
  • Each user will be financially responsible for any unauthorized commitments made through internet.
  • Users must follow the guidelines as outlined in the AA/EEO policy on Hostile Environments including the viewing and/or printing of any material considered to be offensive or obscene.
  • Users shall not engage in invasion of privacy, unauthorized access, violation of copyright laws or any other activity prohibited by these guidelines or by law.
  • Access to the internet may be denied or revoked at any time.

Kirk Alerts

Sign up for Kirk Alerts to get the latest information about college cancellations, delays, and closures. They can be delivered to you across multiple platforms of your choice. All clears are usually not issued.

Lactation Room

Kirkwood supports new mothers with designated lactation rooms. The ones in Cedar Rapids are in Cedar Hall Room 226, Linn Hall Room 2104, and KLIFE Room-404. Sign-up sheets are available in the room. If you have questions, please contact Human Resources.

The lactation room in Iowa City is located by the One Stop Office, Iowa City Room – 125C. There is also one at the Linn Regional Center, Room 306.

Late Registration Policy

The last day to register on EagleNet for a class is the day before it starts. Once a class starts, you’ll need faculty and possibly dean signatures to add it. If you have any doubts or questions about your schedule, don’t wait to talk to your adviser – make an appointment today! If an instructor signs a Late Registration form to let you into their class, your next stop is not One Stop. It’s the department office staff, who will process the form. Scroll up to Add-Drop for more information.

Don’t know who your adviser is? Scroll up to Advisers above.

Library Textbook Policy

The library policy is to NOT purchase textbooks. This is because given the wide range of titles used by different instructors even within a single class, the cost would be prohibitive to provide them all. If any instructor or the department wants to loan us a copy of the textbook they use, we will be glad to put it on reserve. Textbooks are on reserve for use within the library, but photocopies can be made. Feel free to ask your instructor if they haven’t yet put a copy on reserve.

Lost and Found – Now in the security office, Room 132 Iowa Hall.

Map – Scroll up to campus map

Microsoft Office

Do you know that as a Kirkwood student you’re entitled to a free download of Microsoft 365? This is a stripped down version of Office, but should work for any assignment you get a Kirkwood. Follow the step by step directions. Particularly note the form they want for the e-mail.

New Student Orientation

Orientation is mandatory for all new students and is offered on several dates prior to the start of the term. During orientation, you’ll work with academic advisers, current students and professional staff members to get ready for your transition to Kirkwood Community College. At orientation students will:

  • meet with academic advisers to learn about your core classes, degree requirements in programs you’re considering and course selections for the semester
  • talk with Kirkwood faculty members about academic expectations learn about student involvement, financial aid, campus technology, community expectations, and other aspects of the social and academic environment at Kirkwood
  • meet and get to know other new students
  • receive your EagleCard (student ID)
  • register for classes.

For more information go to

New Stuff 

Want to be notified when the library gets something new? Sign up or check back at the link.


Notebook and Graph Paper

Sometimes classes will require special paper (printed with a particular design) for assignments. Notebook paper and regular graph paper are the most common of these. You can buy a package at the Bookstore or other retailer, but if you just need a page or two or something really custom you can print your own.

Notary Public 

A notary is sometimes needed for legal documents confirming you’ve proved you are who you say you are. Notaries are available at the bank branch by the cafeteria and around campus. Contact Human Resources for a current list. (Staff members can access this list under KIN.)

Old Class Descriptions

If you need an old class description to show someone to see whether they would be willing to accept a class or not for some purpose, find it here:

One Stop

The One Stop office manages general student business including, but not limited to, financial aid status, graduation inquiries, transcript requests, course or enrollment verification, diploma ordering or information on deferment. The One Stop office is located at Kirkwood Hall 2nd floor.

    DIRECTIONS: Driving from Kirkwood Boulevard, enter the south entrance to campus and take the first left. Drive toward the buildings and Kirkwood Hall, which is to the north of the parking lots. There is visitor parking in the Blue Permit parking lot. Walking, go to Kirkwood Hall, which is located down the skywalk from the cafeteria in Iowa Hall. Once at the end of the skywalk, the One Stop office is the first office on the right. For specific questions, please contact the One Stop office at 319-398-7600. Be aware at the beginning of the semester the call volume means there are often long waits before they can take your call.

Parking Permits and Parking and Traffic Tickets

Students are NOT required to get parking permits to park on Kirkwood lots, but ARE required to follow basic parking rules such as parking in designated areas only. If you get a Kirkwood parking ticket, pay at the Cashier’s Office in One Stop.

Breaking city laws, for example parking in handicap spots without a handicap permit, can get you a regular parking ticket from the city where regular fines apply.

Password Reset

Access this self-service web page to establish or change your K-number password. For more information. You can log on to change your password from any machine that you don’t have to use your Kirkwood ID to log on or off campus.


Plagiarism, claiming someone else’s work as your own by failure to cite a source or outright copying, is a major violation of Kirkwood Community College policies. Students who plagiarize will face disciplinary action.

Unsure what exactly plagiarism is and how to avoid it? Check out this short post from MLA that walks you through it.

Prayer/Reflection Room

There will be a prayer/reflection room available from 12pm – 2pm Monday – Friday, Room 3043 Cedar Hall. This service is available to all students. This is a room number change from last semester. You may visit the International Programs office 1154 Linn Hall on the Cedar Rapids Main campus if you have any questions. This will be the room from now through December 6, 2019.

Printing and Student Print Quota

There are various places around campus where students can print. The two main ones are the library and the computer lab at both campuses. (In Iowa City they are now in the same room.) Both have black and white and color printers. Scroll up to Color Printing for details.

Registered students are given a $36 print/copy ration of play money per semester.  This is a way to ration printing and is NOT real money either from the college or from any fee students pay. It could as easily be known as points or coupons, etc. As students print or copy, 5 cents will be deducted for each black and white page, and 10 cents will be deducted for each color page. Access this page to check your current balance.

AGAIN this is NOT from any real money fee or any money payment made by either the student or the college. NO charge for $36 was added to your tuition bill. NO unused portion of the ration will be given to you as cash. You can NOT spend it anywhere on campus for anything other than copies or prints.

The balance means balance like a checkbook or savings account, not balance like a credit card. Meaning it isn’t saying that you owe money when it shows a balance, it’s what you have to use yet.

Most students don’t use their entire ration during a semester. If you haven’t used all of yours it will be carried forward to the next semester. At the end of the summer everyone’s balance is wiped out and you start again with $36, but don’t worry about that, remember that it isn’t real money.

If you use all $36 during the semester and need more, you CAN put real money on the card and that won’t disappear at the reset. However, it is not refundable. Check out this site find out your current balance, add real money to your account (which will never vanish, like the play money ration does), or to dispute a print charge. It’s easy to remember the website it’s the Kirkwood address plus print, so but not that easy to find a link to on the Kirkwood page.

As a student when you print documents, you will see a pop-up that will inform you of the cost of that print job and the remaining balance. Click OK to confirm that you want to print. If a student sends a job to the printer that is more than 24 pages,  an additional dialogue box  pops up asking them to confirm that they want to print that much.

Recreation Center – Located on campus, the recreation center has exercise equipment and an indoor track for your workout. They also run exercise classes. Here’s the current list. Find out hours, location, and all they have to offer on their website. It’ open to Kirkwood employees and all for credit students.

Reserve Group Room – There is a conference room with glass walls across from Tutoring Services. CH 2079 can seat 10. No food or drink is allowed. They have white boards and should have erasers and markers. If the markers have disappeared ask at the Learning Services Office, CH 2063. They are sometimes reserved for classes the schedule list is posted on the window. If students want to reserve the rooms you can e-mail Nic Jones at It can be reserved the day of use. The library group study rooms have to be reserved a day in advance or you can use them on a first come, first served basis. During the build up to finals the Cedar Rapids library also reserves a couple of extra classrooms which are available on a first come first served basis, check at the reference desk for room numbers which can change during the day.

Restrooms, Single Occupancy – There are single occupancy restrooms across campus. On the main campus in Cedar Rapids find them at Mansfield Center 3rd Floor Restrooms (across from  the foundation office) Rooms 305 and 309, Benton Hall 3rd Floor Rooms 325 and 326, and Bookstore 1st Floor Rooms 112 and 113. They are also available on the Iowa City campus- Room  125B and Linn Regional Center- South Side (next to KTOS0) Rooms 803 and 805.

Resume – Scroll up to Career Services


Want to get off on the right foot with your roommate? Here are some suggestions. having trouble settling in with your roommate? Scroll up to Confidential Counseling Services above.


Counseling services offers screenings in the fall. It’s now just one event, Health & Wellness Day:

Tuesday, October 8, 2019
1st & 2nd Floor, Iowa Hall
10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

  • Free and confidential mental health screenings
  • Blood pressure screenings
  • Students with a valid EagleCard can also get a free flu shot.
  • Information on intuitive eating, test anxiety, healthy relationships, violence prevention, and common contraceptive options will be available.
  • Students will have the opportunity to wear beer goggles as part of alcohol education. There will also be several community agencies will information on staying healthy in college.

Students can also access the screenings online here:


Contact security by calling (319) 398-5561 from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday or calling (319) 389-1774 after hours and on weekends. Get more information on the array of services they offer.

Student Code of Conduct

Specific rules and regulations Kirkwood students are required to follow and the possible consequences for violation.

Student Email

The Kirkwood student email system is the primary tool for official communication from the college. All current Kirkwood students are expected to have a k# (college id) and a student email account. Important information from your department, as well as notifications from advising, enrollment and financial aid, will NOT be sent via postal mail or to a personal e-mail address, but will be sent to your student e-mail.

The format of your Kirkwood student email address is:

If your first and last name are being used already, a number will be added to your email address to make it unique. Upon graduation or transfer to another institution, student email accounts are deactivated (the following August 31st). Any saved documents and/or emails will not be accessible after that date.

Upon registration for at least one credit class, students will be provided a student email account. (Library Note: Although we haven’t seen this lately, sometimes students have had issues with attachments from the various free e-mail sites opening on campus – Yahoo, G-Mail, Hotmail, etc. – if an attachment absolutely, positively has to get there we recommend using your Kirkwood e-mail to send it or even better send it to both.)
Find the IT FAQs for Student email:

Student Handbook

The full set of rules to live by and other useful information is available online.

Student Help Desk (for computer questions)

The Student Help Desk is ready to help you with your basic tech questions. Conveniently located in the Allsop Computer Lab – 131 Nielsen Hall. Call them at 319-398-7624 or 1-800-634-6581. Among the IT services are: Log-In Issues, Campus Wireless, EagleCash, EagleNet, Talon, Passwords, Print Quota, and Student e-mail. Contact them directly for questions about any of these and start with them for other basic computer issues. Find their FAQ sheet linked here:

If it’s a Talon question that isn’t related to individual page set up, they will likely refer you to the general Talon help service. Scroll to Talon information below.

Student Newsletter

Kirkwood Community College has a student newsletter called Updates. Check it out to find out all the news around campus!

Student Print Quota – Scroll up to Printing and Print Quota

Study Abroad

YOU can study Abroad.  Kirkwood offers over 15 different short-term study abroad programs each year and there are programs for everyone.  The programs and applications are found here at  You are also welcome to stop by Linn Hall 1154 to speak with a Study Abroad Adviser if you have any questions.  Scholarships for study abroad are available.


Talon is a suite of online tools that facilitate online classes. Instructors in face-to-face courses often deliver materials and extend your learning with Talon. Most online courses operate fully within Talon or at least use it as a frame or portal to get you to the materials you need and to turn in assignments.

If your instructor told you to use or find something and you don’t know where it is (a handout, an article, a place to turn something in), check your Talon page for that class first.

Often the first thing we suggest for people having Talon problems is to try a different browser, like Firefox or Chrome. You can check with the student helpdesk, but you may be directed to the help line through Talon which is available 24/7 at 1-877-478-7074. If you have questions about coursework, contact your instructor.

Textbooks –Scroll up to Book List of Textbooks to find out which books you’ll need and to Library Textbook Policy for information about what’s available in the library.

Tutoring – It’s FREE!
Free tutoring is available to every student taking a class for credit. Stop by 2071 Cedar Hall or call 319-398-5425 to speak to someone in Learning Services.


Tuition cost is set per credit hour, but varies by Iowa resident, non-resident, and international categories.

Vending Machine Issues

If a vending machine takes your money or if you have another vending machine issue, in Cedar Rapids report to Student Life on the 2nd floor of Iowa Hall across from the bank by the cafeteria. In Iowa City report it at the One Stop office. Find out more about the vending machines by the Cedar Rapids Kirkwood library here and the rest of them on campus by checking with Student Life.


Be sure to check out all the resources on the Cedar Rapids campus including the Veterans Lounge.

Veterans in Iowa City are eligible for all benefits but they do not have a lounge.


Free WiFi is available inside of every Kirkwood building.

Withdrawn From Class By Instructor

If you have a  Deregistration or Administrative Withdraw from a class for non-attendance, here’s what you do.

Work Study

To get work study position around campus, start at One Stop and make sure you qualify for Work Study. Then you can apply for specific jobs currently open around campus.

UPDATED: October 10 2019

Sarah Uthoff is a reference library at Kirkwood Community College. LIKE the Kirkwood Community College Library on Facebook and find links to Sarah all over the web at her About Me Profile.