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This post was guest written by Sarah Young, Library Services Department Assistant.

It’s been several weeks since Library Services and Arts & Humanities launched our collaborative mural project. Thanks to the staff and students who have participated so far, the library is becoming much more colorful!

There are still plenty of opportunities to join the fun! Sign up to paint at Calendly and watch this space for future updates.

In progress shot of Mural of Kandinsky's Squares with Concentric Circles
After the first day of painting.
Pat Reading from Arts and Humanities paints a portion of Keith Haring's Retrospect
Pat Reading tries his hand at Keith Haring.
Jacki Delaney (Admissions) and Alex Weissenberger (One Stop) paint a square from Keith Haring's Retrospect.
Alex Weissenberger (One Stop) and Jacki Delaney (Admissions) came two days in a row to spend some time together during Alex’s last week at Kirkwood. They said the experience is a lot of fun and would totally recommend it.
Two international students from Tunisia painting the Kandinsky mural
An international student from Tunisia painting a square in the Haring mural
A group of international students from Tunisia taking a break from classes (and the heat) with some painting.
Eggbert, a stuffed animal eagle, paints
Even library mascot Eggbert joined the fun!

Thanks again to all of our mural painters! Looking forward to seeing more people join the fun in the coming weeks.