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Are you looking for information on a country? Although we still have a few reference sets that deal with particular topics (food around the world, music around the world) that might prove useful, the place to find information on individual countries is in the circulating collection in the 900s at the particular number for your country. We have streamlined this section so everything about a country from travel and culture to history are all in one spot. For example, all the books about France can be found at 944.

If you are having trouble locating a country double check its spelling. For example, Colombia the country is spelled differently from cities named after Columbus in the United States – Columbia.

Be sure to do a standard research search as well, but particularly check out these websites.

CIA Factbook

It provides breakdowns for each country. Originally designed to give government employees and officials a quick rundown, it’s now available for everybody.

It covers:

  • Overall Summary
  • Geography
  • People and Society
  • Government
  • Economy
  • Energy
  • Communications
  • Transportation
  • Military and Security
  • Transnational Issues


BBC Country Profiles

  • Get a non-US view on the countries.


Country Reports from the Economist


Encyclopaedia Britannica


World Bank


State Department

Centers for Disease Control 

  • Are there any current medical issues? Do they have issues with drinking water, etc.?


I’d like to thank the Marymount University Library for letting me use their descriptions on a couple of these links. Find their entire LibGuide at:


UPDATED June 15 2021: If you want more library resources, both books and databases, you can find them listed here.

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