Construction Entrance Sign

The Cedar Rapids campus of Kirkwood Community College has been under the jackhammer for awhile now. With recent completions of new space and/or remodeled space for Michael J. Gould Recreation Center, the new Automotive Technology Building and all the progress that has been made with Iowa Hall, the construction work has moved into the Cedar Rapids branch of the library.

Construction has begun with the construction fence in front of the library up and a cement path to the new temporary library doors finished. This cement path will be part of a covered walkway that will lead you from in front of the bookstore to the temporary doors of the library. One set of the exterior doors from the entryway have been moved over to the space that used to be a big window by the Popular Books section. A tablet will be located by the door for self-COVID tracing sign in. Some of the furniture will be moved including taking everything out of the Popular Books corner (find the popular books now on shelves along the southern wall). Some of the furniture moved for COVID control measures will be put back and new furniture storage space will be found in the library. If you are looking for the AED (Automated External Defibrillator – See note) it has been pulled from the lobby area outside the library ask at the desk.

The major construction work will be to the front of the building and to the area around circulation (the desk with the purple wall behind it). On the first floor there will be a temporary wall built blocking off the current doors and the current COVID tracing sign-in station. The lobby area right outside the library doors (including the vending machine area, stairs to the 2nd floor of Benton Hall, and the lobby elevator) will be closed during construction. You will still be able to use the stairs within the library. The second floor of the library will be open, but a similar sized area will also be blocked off behind another temporary wall upstairs. There is an elevator in the 1st floor bookstore hallway if you need to get to the non-library space on floors 2&3.

The outside book drops have been removed. Please plan to return any materials only when the library is open. Materials may also be returned to the Iowa City Campus Library’s outside return at any time.

We will try to limit the noise as much as possible, but there will be unavoidable noise. Any time construction is underway there will NOT be quiet study available in the library.

Construction is currently scheduled to finish in December 2021.

NOTE: An AED (Automated External Defibrillator) is an automatic device for emergency first aid. A voice walks you through the process of using it to determine if someone is having a heart attack. It has a built in defibrillator that can shock the patient and hopefully get their heart going correctly again before the paramedics arrive. Or it can tell you that they do not need a shock.