All too often people think that just because something has been posted online that they have the right to use it however they want to. That’s not true. Photos and images automatically have copyright as soon as they are created in a permanent basis. Whether that permanent “space” is a digital file or a sheet of drawing paper or something else the person who creates it (or pays for it to be created) has the right to decide how it is used even if they do post it online in some form. Just because you can find it online doesn’t mean it’s yours to use.

So how do you know what to use? The APA has done a series of blog posts to explain to you whether you’re using the APA’s citation system or not.

4 Links to the Right Answer

Determining Copyright Status

Do You Need Permission?

Getting Permission (Yes, this mean you even if you are a student)

How Do I Cite It?

Remember you want to be copyright, not copywrong!

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