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Can’t You Take a Joke?

The Pew Research Center has done a study about where people get their news from. Surprisingly approximately 15% of people surveyed consider The Colbert Report a trusted source for news.

For some, the satiric ‘Colbert Report’ is a trusted source of political news

Bob Hope and Fred Allen

Political Satire has long been a part of American popular culture. Bob Hope and Fred Allen are early adapters of the monologue as part of their radio shows where political quips and jokes are made. (Sadly this means there are often jokes that people at the time got, but we don’t get today.)

Although these comedy reports might make you aware of a topic you’d follow up on, they wouldn’t take the place of legitimate news sources. However, around 15% of people view the Colbert Report as a legitimate news source. They ignore both the fact that exaggeration is a frequent device in comedy and that the comedy comes from a certain political bent.

Take With a Grain of Salt

So no matter what your sources of news, don’t pick just one single source. Don’t trust a comedian to tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but.

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