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It doesn’t seem that long ago that we relied on DVD or even VHS technology for viewing films outside of a movie theater. Now we’ve come to expect streaming video availability for just about everything! At home we might use YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, or any of the newer niche streaming services for our video viewing needs. But at Kirkwood Library Services we have been adding more ways to access streaming video for educational use. Let’s look at a few of the options:

  1. Films on Demand is a comprehensive video database, including documentaries, world cinema, and specialized videos in some academic areas like history (archival) and nursing. Like all of the library databases, Films on Demand may be accessed through our A to Z databases page, linked from the library homepage. It can also be bookmarked with this URL: https://guides.kirkwood.edu/fod.
  2. Kanopy is another comprehensive video database, and contains a wide range of educational videos produced by PBS, BBC, Documentary Educational Resources and more. Like Films on Demand, it is searchable by known title or by subject. The direct URL may be bookmarked: https://guides.kirkwood.edu/kanopy.
  3. Symptom Media is a newer streaming video service that provides short videos for mental health education and training, with a library of over 500 mental health simulations. We are seeing it used in the fields of nursing, education, human services, and psychology. The bookmark URL is: https://guides.kirkwood.edu/symptom.
  4. The Library continues to purchase DVDs by faculty request. If the video you need isn’t available streaming, please contact a librarian to request the purchase of a DVD. Find out more about Kirkwood’s VOD service for faculty here.