In October 2019, the American Psychological Association released an updated edition of their citation system. The Kirkwood Community College Library Services is going to put out an updated version of our handout out this week. This version the APA has a lot of basic material on their website. We’ve updated our APA LibGuide to include a lot of direct links.

When departments shift over to this system is up to them or the individual instructor. We’ll keep our previous information about the 6th edition (PDF handouts, links, videos, etc.) up at least through the summer.

Be more wary than usual of the automatic citation generators because they won’t all necessarily be updated. That includes the automatic citations on the databases which will switch over whenever they individually decide to switch.

We did a training session this week for instructors. We would be VERY glad to come and do sessions on the new system for either faculty or students. Our librarians have been working since November to get the new system down including e-mailing APA for clarifications.


Here is the handout of top changes we used.

APA Major Changes Handout – APA Changes

Updated 7th edition APA handout

Find our APA LibGuide with the 7th edition information on top and the 6th edition information still there underneath.

Here is the PowerPoint we used.

UPDATED: January 20, 2020

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