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Passwords are the bane of modern existence. Trying to remember them and keep other people from being able to easily guess them causes many headaches. Don’t get discouraged and resort to the worst passwords or other easily guessable things. Don’t use the same password for everything since hackers at one site will try it on the others.

One good trick is to use a phrase or sentence you will remember and then just using the first letter or number of each word in the phrase. So if your phrase was the last sentence the password would be 1Gti2uaposywr. However, if you are really security conscious you can go even further. You can go beyond a password with a passphrase.

A Passphrase Past a Password

A passphrase is a series of words instead of one. This series should be made of random words that you can create a mnemonic to help you remember.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation recommends rolling dice and using them to help determine words from their word list using a random number. If you’d like to try it find the full explanation and word lists.

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