Information literacy means making sure people can find, evaluate for quality and use the information that they need. This can be for school related subjects, like picking good resources for a research paper or speech, or it can be for everyday life, like picking out the best loan or credit card for you.

Library Services is the heart of information literacy here at Kirkwood Community College. We not only help students, faculty, and staff with individual questions, but we offer instruction to classes through face to face classes, videos, and databases, Brain Fuse that is directed more to the individual and Credo Instruct that can be accessed both by individual students and dropped in Talon as objects that can then connect with class gradebooks.

Kirkwood Library Services has done several things over the years to celebrate and promote this event. This year we’re adding to our series of blog posts. Watch for them all month to learn more about information literacy. Check out previous information literacy posts on this roundup.

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