This fall your Kirkwood librarians have lined up trials for 4 different databases that have been suggested to us by faculty over the past semester. The first of these database trials is already underway!

Health Reference Series book covers

Health Reference Series by Omnigraphics is actually a long-standing book series with in-depth and authoritative consumer health information. The Health Reference Series Online database simply takes the chapters from this book series and makes them searchable, readable, and downloadable online. We often recommend these books to students in composition or speech classes who need some good, solid information on a disease, disorder, or other health matter, but don’t want the highly specialized information a nursing or allied health student might need.

So if you have a minute to spare and an interest in trying out this database, please check it out, and let us know what you think! Also: stay tuned to this blog for information on Database Trials: Round Two, coming the first of October.

Health Reference Series Online

Feedback Survey for Health Reference Series Online