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Welcome back!

Over the summer there have been some mostly-minor changes to our online information resources, including all the Gale-owned databases, PsycArticles database, and the Credo Instruct tutorials collection.

  1. Gale databases (this includes Academic OneFile and Opposing Viewpoints) had some big changes. First, their interface has been updated (improved!) with the aim of making them more consistent and more modern, and to ensure they meet accessibility requirements. The downside for some faculty is that the links to any bookmarked or otherwise linked articles from these databases are most likely now broken. You will need to go back into the database and grab that new link to put in Talon. Directions for inserting links to database articles are here in our Faculty Services guide. Just ask me (kate.hess AT kirkwood.edu) if you have any problems with this process. I’m happy to help!
  2. PsycArticles has also changed its link. If you have copy and pasted a direct link to the database or to articles within the database into your Talon, you will need to update those links. The content is still there, but the links have changed.
  3. Credo Instruct has added several new tutorials to their trove of research, critical thinking, and other information literacy tutorials, videos and quizzes. New tutorials are:

Remember you can find out about all the resources and services the library provides to faculty over at our Faculty Services LibGuide. Best of luck in your new semester!