Symbol Chart from Word

Microsoft Word is a very specific tool. It’s useful for reports, letters, etc. (See note) It’s fairly straightforward for these uses, but there might be useful features that you don’t know about. One of these is adding symbols to your Word document (or any of the other programs in the Microsoft Office Suite). How to Geek put together a useful how to on how to add musical notes to your text. The screen captures are very clear, but don’t limit yourself to that handful of music symbols. Take a little bit of time exploring, using the same instructions to find other symbols, and see what useful symbols you can add to your next paper, letter, or sign!

Note: While Word is very helpful for many functions making brochures is not its strength. We’ve been getting a lot of questions on these lately. Take our advice and unless your instructor specifically says you have to use a Word template for a brochure use Publisher or even PowerPoint before Word.

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