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One of the really useful series we have here at Kirkwood is Culture Smart! Each book in the series covers one country in a compact form. Each one includes: local customs and traditions, history, religion, politics, home life, work, play, food and drink, business practices, communication, and dos and don’ts to fit in to the culture. Even if you don’t plan on traveling to the country, these books are also very useful for researching a foreign country or to help you understand someone from there. We have a large selection of these titles so feel free to check for a particular country or to browse, but we just got in a group of brand new ones from the series which I’ve listed below to give you an idea of the span of countries. These titles are housed in Cedar Rapids, but you can request them to be delivered to any of the other centers at any time.

Databases of Country Information

We also have added a database that gives similar information. Global Road Warrior is a more compact description and can be very useful if you need multiple sources or just want to look online. We also have a second database from the same company called A to Z World Food.

Recently Published Titles

NOTE: During the course of posting the last two new country information book lists the books were relocated and no longer will be found in the 300s. If you find a title you want in the previous lists linked below, please use the catalog to find the current number or ask a librarian.

Check out these previously shared titles:



And I no sooner published this post than we got in a Rick Steves travel book.

Rick Steves’ Best of Europe by Rick Steves, Call Number: 940 S848r

Recent Country Updates

Austria by Peter Gieler, Call Number: 943.6 G454a 2018

Cover of Culture Smart BhutanBhutan by Karma Choden and Dorji Wangchuck, Call Number: 954.98 C545b

Chile by Caterina Perrone, Call Number: 983 P459c 2018

China by Kathy Flower, Call Number: 951 F644c

Greece by Constantine Buhayer, Call Number: 949.5 B931g

Hong Kong by Clare Vickers and Vickie Chan, Call Number: 951.25 V637h

Hungary by Bruce McLean and Kester Eddy, Call Number: 943.9 M163h

Israel by Jeffery Geri and Marian Lebor, Call Number: 956.94 G369i

Laos by Nada Matas-Runquist, Call Number: 959.4 M415L

Mexico by Russell Maddicks, Call Number: 972 M179m

Morocco by Jillian York, Call Number: 964 Y62

Nicaragua by Russell Maddicks, Call Number: 972.85 M179n

Cover of Culture Smart MoroccoNew Zealand by Sue Butler and Ljiljana Ortolja-Baird, Call Number: 993 B986n

Norway by Linda March, Call Number: 948.1 M315n 2019

Portugal by Sandy Guedes de Queiroz, Call Number: 946.9 O385p

Romania by Debbie Stowe, Call Number: 949.8 S892r

Rwanda by Brian Crawford, Call Number: 967.571 A228cu

South Africa by Isabella Morris, Call Number: 968 M876s

Uzbekistan by Alexey Ulko, Call Number: 958.7 U39u

Zambia by Andrew Loryman, Call Number: 968.94 L878z

Need More?

You can also find specific country information in our various databases. You can also check out the open web resources in this post.

UPDATED April 29 2019: I added the Rick Steves book.

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