Brick and Cement building with entrance doors and sign that says Library

Front of Kirkwood Cedar Rapids Library 2018

Welcome to National Library Week!

This is the week to stop by and thank your friendly neighborhood librarians!

This week (April 8-12) we’ll be celebrating during activity hour at the Cedar Rapids Campus:

  • Tuesday – Cookies
  • Thursday – Therapy Dogs

Recently we did surveys of faculty. We aren’t ready with a full report, but in honor of National Library Week, we thought we’d share some of the things you said. Thank-you! Here is last year’s list.

Balloons for National Library Week

Celebrating National Library Week

And remember that you can always let us know whether you have a complement, a question, a criticism, or a suggestion. We want to hear it!

Thank -You

  • “I really appreciate the librarians’ willingness to come to my classroom. It really helps when they can make that personal connection with students.”
  • “Great work!”
  • “More presentations by library staff. They’re really helpful to students.”
  • “Need more librarians.”
  • “I really appreciate our library staff and the job they do.”
  • “Thanks for all the ILL books! They’re wonderful!”
  • “You provide a great service for our students.”
  • “Keep up the good work.”
  • “Our library is wonderful — the staff is amazing and always has a “can-do” attitude. I love coming to you with my students or if I need assistance. Thank you for responding to our need for more recent memoirs to use for the College Reading and Effective Reading classes. I love that we can come to you and you’ll do what you can to help with that!”
  • “We’re all pretty happy with the library staff and resources from what I can tell from my fellow faculty.”
  • “[No suggestions]other than it is a resource that I’ll begin requiring to be used…It is underutilized.”
  • “Keep up the good work! I know you do a lot for our students.”