Have you ever said “I just don’t want to drive I-380 today?” Well, now you have a choice!

As part of the mitigation plan for the I-380 construction over the next 5 years they have arranged for a tour bus (and it looks like a nice bus see the photo with the linked article) to drive between Iowa City and Cedar Rapids daily, with one of the middle stops being right here on the Cedar Rapids Kirkwood Campus. It’s actually been going on for a while now, but now we don’t have to fight the cold and snow I think it’s better. So far it’s been a success.

For right now it’s scheduled to last over the 5 years of construction. If nobody uses it, it could end sooner. It’s not meant to be a permanent program, BUT if it’s really popular who knows? So try out the new bus, use it or lose it!

Check out this article from October 2018 to get all the details! Scroll to the bottom of the linked article to see the full schedule.


P.S. We are now finally caught up with the 1st half of the 20th century. Up until 1953 passenger train service between Iowa City and Cedar Rapids was a regular thing and my great-great-grandmother lived in Iowa City and worked at the college in Mt. Vernon taking the train/trolley as a regular thing. Swing and Sway the CRANDIC Way!

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