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In a persuasive speech or paper you tackle a subject that has people with strong opinions on two sides, pro or con, real or fake, etc. While our basic academic databases (Gale, EBSCO) are still a good place to start, we also have materials that specifically argue both sides of issues. Picking a subject other than the old standbys (like abortion and the death penalty) leads to much better project. Here are some great ways to find one.

Both library locations have a collection of debate books. These books are from multiple series (Opposing Viewpoints, Current Controversies, At Issue) and contain persuasive essays on both sides of an issue. We just refreshed the collection and it’s an especially good place to browse if you still are looking for a broad topic or need help narrowing down a subject. In Iowa City these books circulate, in Cedar Rapids they don’t, but you can make photocopies.

Browse these recent additions to our Cedar Rapids Debate Collection for suggestions on recent topics.

Cedar Rapids Debate Book Collection

Our Debate Books

Our main online resource for persuasive speeches/papers is Opposing Viewpoints. This database not only includes the persuasive essays from the Opposing Viewpoints books (the database calls them Viewpoints), but also articles from academic journals, statistics, archives from NPR, news stories, recommended websites, and sometimes even videos.

Top Bar of Opposing Viewpoints

A second database useful for persuasive speeches/papers is CQ Researcher. This database was originally designed for the sole use of Congress, but it now gives access to whatever institutions are willing to pay for it. For each topic it includes history, an overview of the current situation, a chronology, a pro/con section like Opposing Viewpoints, etc. It’s great for deep background and as another place to find topics. As a warning, watch the date of individual reports, if the subject is presented just a little differently when they update they will often leave both reports in instead of replacing it. Also their Hot Topic pieces that are always up to the minute are shorter and don’t have all the elements of the longer reports. To just browse their Pro/Con section select “Pro/Con” from the drop down menu under “Browse Reports.”

Top bar of CQ Researcher



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