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Whether it’s for winter blizzards and ice storms or summer tornadoes, the best way to keep up to date on campus closing or other dangers is through Kirk Alert. So if you haven’t yet, be sure to  sign up to receive Kirk Alerts and get a warning if dangerous weather threatens the campus. The rest of this post is information available on the Kirkwood Community College website. – SSU

Kirkwood Alert is an alert system that allows Kirkwood to contact you during an emergency by sending text messages to your:

  • email account (school, work, home, other)
  • cell phone or pager
  • smartphone and handheld device

While Kirkwood Alert is a free service, your wireless carrier may charge you a fee to receive messages on your cellphone.

To Sign up if you are not on the Kirkwood network go to:


Snow Delay Times

Kirkwood Community College has the option to start late (10 am), cancel to noon, to cancel the entire day, or to cancel daytime classes and reopen for the evening depending on changing weather conditions. If we have a late start please don’t come to the campus until shortly before 10 am because staff use the time to clear parking lots and sidewalks and need the space empty to efficiently do their jobs. Check this for more on the weather delay set up.

More Details About Kirk Alert

Kirkwood Alert is a software application used to send emergency alerts, notifications and updates to your:

  • email
  • text
  • voice

In the event of an emergency such as a tornado or other critical situation, Kirkwood will be able to send important alerts and updates right to your cell phone or mobile device. We will also be using Kirkwood Alert for school closing notifications.  All you have to do is sign up for a Kirkwood Alert account.

Each person may sign up for a Kirkwood Alert account. You can add multiple devices to a Kirkwood Alert account. Alerts will be sent to all devices listed in your Kirkwood Alert account. This service is available to students, parents, community partners–anyone who might need to know crucial information about the college.

If you are some place during an emergency, please also check normal sources of news and information in addition to waiting for a Kirk Alert.

Weather and any other campus closing emergencies will still be released to the various news sources. Here’s the list where we send the information.

You may sign up now, update your contacts, or check out what the most recent Kirk Alerts have been.

UPDATED: January 30, 2020

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