These are the links referred to in the Untangling Copyright Session. We focused on information that would be helpful to our instructors. I’m not going to summarize here or give information about individual pages except for sorting them into categories, but these should be useful links for anyone interested in copyright and how it effects teaching.

Doctrine of First Sale

ALA Copyright for Libraries, First Sale Doctrine:

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

Technology, Education and Copyright Harmonization or TEACH Act

Fair Use


  • Q: Can I Stream content or use a DVD from Netflix in my class?

A: Maybe. Netflix Educational Documentaries Walsh University University of Kansas

  • Q: Can I copy (or put on VOD) a DVD from Netflix for classroom use?

A: No. First Sale Doctrine Is it fair use?

  • Q: Can I provide a link and credentials to students to view a Netflix movie?

A: No.  Netflix Terms of Service 6.2 Public Performance Rights

Copyright Extension/Public Domain