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Twitter is a fun and interesting place to find a conversation. You can find the Kirkwood library there at @KirkwoodSmart. (There are also trolls although I’ve had people say worse things to me on Facebook.) But Twitter does have its problems. One of these are the historic photo tweet feeds.

Some of these chronic offenders just take images that don’t belong to them and post them without verification, without credit, and without context. They can be used to spread mis-information and at the very least take attention and money away from the owners of the images and interesting information away from YOU!

When exactly is an image from? What was really going on there? Why was it taken and most importantly, did Theodore Roosevelt ever really ride a moose? (You may be cool, but you’ll NEVER be Teddy Roosevelt riding a moose across a river cool. — OK that line which I love is actually from an uncredited meme, but it’s true!)

A doctored image of then Presidential candidate Teddy Roosevelt riding a moose

Doctored Image from Sept. 9, 1912 New York Tribune, See linked article

The Problem with Feeds

Historian Alexis Cole explains in her article what’s bad about these feeds and how they could be made much better. So what can we do about them?

Feeds to Unfollow

Even if you love finding interesting feeds of photos stop helping these feeds. If enough people unfollow they’ll go away leaving more room for legitimate sites. So go to your Twitter account right now and unfollow:

@HistoryinPics, @HistoricalPics, @HistoryInPix, @historylvrsclub

There are others but those are some of the biggest offenders.

Feeds to Take Their Place

But if you like old, cool stuff online never fear we have your back. Cole recommends following these accounts instead (and yes the University of Iowa suggestion was hers, I just moved it to the top).


News from the University of Iowa Special Collections libraries. Also on Tumblr  & YouTube 


Online journal and cabinet of curiosities dedicated to showcasing the most beautiful and unusual out-of-copyright works available on the web.


“An inspiration to all who enter.” Visit in person or online to engage the past in the present for the future.


Where Every Month is Black History Month.


We hold & provide access to the records of UK Parliament and other political and parliamentary collections. Use our tweets to discover more.


People. Discoveries. Change. History. The Harvard University Archives.


Explore history in its original form through letters and manuscripts of Lincoln, Einstein, Mark Twain, American Presidents and more.


People of Color in European Art History: Because you wouldn’t want to be historically inaccurate.


World’s largest library. Explore collections, services & plan a visit. Follow  to meet Carla Hayden, 14th Librarian of Congress.


Dealers in autographs, manuscripts, books, artworks and collectibles in the performing and visual arts. Follow for beautiful books & photos every day.

Other Cool Old Stuff Feeds

I personally would also suggest:


@ref_archivist (this is only one of several great the Henry Ford Benson Library accounts – find and follow them all!)


And sadly no, as far as we know Teddy never did ride a moose and that definitely isn’t a real image. But kudos to the newspaper team behind the September 8, 1912 New York Tribune for putting that out into the world. Heather Cole, curator of Harvard’s Theodore Roosevelt collection, tells you the real story.

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