From time to time, when we get a collection of related books into the library we like to share a list on a particular topic, but lately we’ve had some books  come in that are too good not to share, even if they don’t fit with a particular theme. These titles are housed in Cedar Rapids, but you can request them to be delivered to any of the other centers at any time.


Alain Resnais Night and Fog

Out of Ireland: The Story of Irish Emigration to America


Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents: How to Heal from Distant, Rejecting, or Self-Involved Parents by Lindsay C. Gibson, Call Number: 616.89 G358h

Are Black Men Doomed? by Alford A. Young, Jr., Call Number: 305.38 Y682

Aspire: 200 Project to Strengthen Your Art Skills for Aspiring Art Students by Valerie Colston, Call Number: 702.8 C723a

Betty Crocker Cookbook: Everything You Need to Know to Cook from Scratch, Call Number: 641.5 C938b

Blindspot: Hidden Biases of Good People by Mahzarin R. Banaji and Anthony G. Greenwald, Call Number: 155.9 B212b

Borderline Personality Disorder Demystified by Robert O. Friedel, Call Number: 616.85 F899b

Burn Baby Burn by Meg Medina, Call Number PB MED

Burning Country: Syrians in Revolution and War by Robin Yassinn Kassab and Leila Al-Shami, Call Number: 823.912 M442p

Children of the Aging Self-Absorbed: A Guide to Coping with Difficult, Narcissistic Parents and Grandparents by Nina W. Brown, Call Number: 305.2 B879c
NOTE: Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Creating Significant Learning Experiences: An Integrated Approach to Designing College Courses by L. Dee Fink, Call Number: 378.12 F499c

Escape from Camp 14: One Man’s Remarkable Odyssey from North Korea to Freedom in the West by Blaine Harden, Call Number: 951.93 H259e

Exit, Pursued By a Bear by E.K. Johnston, Call Number 813.6 J724e

Gerontology: The Basics by Jennifer R. Sasser and Harry R. Moody, Call Number: 305.26 S252g

The Healing Power of Essential Oil: Soothe Inflammation, Boost Mood, Prevent Autoimmunity, and Feel Great in Every Way by Eric Zielinski, D.C., Call Number: 615.3 Z667h
NOTE: With More than 150 recipes and remedies.

The Importance of Being Funny: Why We Need More Jokes in Our Lives by Al Gini, Call Number: 152.4 G492i

India in the 21st Century: What Everyone Needs to Know by Mira Kamdar, Call Number: 954.05 K152i

Invisible Slaves: The Victims and Perpetrators of Modern-Day Slavery by W. Kurt Hauser, Call Number: 306.3 H376i

McKeachie’s Teaching Tips: Strategies, Research, and Theory for College and University Teachers by Wilbert J. McKeachie, Call Number: 37801 M154m

Navigating Life with Migraines and Other Headaches by William B. Young and Stephen D. Silberstein, Call Number: 616.8 Y782n

Parrots of the World: Up Close with the World’s Cleverest Birds by Steve Brookes, Call Number: 598.71 B872p

Picture-Writing of the American Indians by Garrick Mallery, Call Number: 497 M252p
NOTE: With 54 Plates and 1290 Text Illustrations.

The Prodigal Tongue: The Love-Hate Relationship Between American and British English by Lynne Murphy, Call Number: 427 M978p

The Psychology of Addiction by Jenny Svanberg, Call Number: 616.85 S968p

The Psychology of Grief by Richard Gross, Call Number: 155.9 K152p

The Psychology of Performance by Stewart T. Cotterill, Call Number: 152.4 C847p

A Single Blow: The Battles of Lexington and Concord and the Beginning of the American Revolution, April 19, 1775 by Phillip S. Greenwalt and Robert Orrison, Call Number: 973.3 G816s

The Stretching Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Improving Fitness and Flexibility by Lexie Williamson, Call Number: 613.7 W731s

Thinking with Type: A Critical Guide for Designers, Writers, Editors, and Students, Call Number: 686.2 L966t

Tumor by Anna Leahy, Call Number: 616.99 L434t

Twitter (2nd ed.) by Dhiraj Murthy, Call Number: 006.7 M984t

Universe in Creation: A New Understanding of the Big Bang and the Emergence of Life by Roy R. Gould, Call Number: 570.1 G697u

Weather: A Very Short Introduction by Storm Dunlop, Call Number: 551.6 D922w

We’ll Call You If We Need You: Experiences of Women Working Construction (With a New Preface) by Susan Eisenberg, Call Number: 331.4 E362w

Will Robots Take Your Job?: A Plea for Consensus by Nigel M de S. Cameron, Call Number: 331.12 C182w

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