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It took as awhile to check on responses to some of the suggestions and comments on the survey and then we didn’t want it to get lost in the beginning of the term shuffle, so we hope you forgive us are tardiness in posting this.

We’d like to extend our warm thanks to everyone who took the time to participate in our faculty survey. We had 135 responses. We truly appreciate the response and have tried to respond to the feedback. We also included campus location in the survey questions this time and were able to see that we had a good mix of people from across the different locations of the college. We also appreciate your patience and we extend our apologies for our delay in getting this report out.

We’ve also posted separately about the OER questions.

We’d also like to take a moment and thank you for the kind words we got from many of the survey responses. We shared some during Library Week.

Request Specific Things

People who included their e-mail address in their response were contacted directly about questions and requests, but we wanted to give everyone a chance to find out what we’ve done in response to the survey.

We got fewer requests for specific titles this time and we hope that means people have realized we respond to such requests all year. If you have a specific request at any time, you can either fill out our request form, or contact your friendly, neighborhood librarian directly.


Based on the suggestions of a faculty member and a handful of updates from the MLA website we changed a few things on our in-depth MLA handout. It really shouldn’t effect you if you’re using it with your classes, but be sure you are using the edition dated Oct. 2018 for the most up to date examples. It’s currently available online and in print. If you see an additional example we should add or a change you think we should make, please let us know.


Answering comments in both this survey and the one we did with students, we’ve been working on trying to improve communication going out from the library to students, faculty, and staff. During the school year we put together a newsletter most months during the school year. We have regular blog posts in between. Also keep up with us around the web:

Library Updates

Make Friends with Gale While Keeping EBSCO – The State Library of Iowa opened the state’s package of databases to bidding for the first time last year and the winner wasn’t long time favorite EBSCO. Instead Gale databases came in the winner with an assortment of different databases offering similar coverage and some things we never had before – like a language database – at a lower price than EBSCO’s bid. Check out the new titles and be aware that while we continue to have the EBSCO databases for right now they may disappear as negotiations continue. The library was already buying some databases from other vendors, such as the New York Times and Films on Demand, and these will remain unchanged. PLEASE LET US KNOW: if you have a preference after using both EBSCO and Gale databases or want some help or tips on using either.

It seems to be the informal opinion of librarians across the state while the other Gale databases are really good the main Gale academic database – now the first on our alphabetical all Kirkwood databases list – isn’t as good as the EBSCO product – now second on the list. It has a few odd kinks to searching. We’d be glad to come to your class or talk to you one on one for some specific search tips.

Adding Databases – We’d gotten some requests to add some specific type of databases and did some trials this spring and summer. After consulting with the directly effected departments we didn’t add any at this time, but if there is a specific database or specific material you want a database that covers please contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

Online Access Improvements – There were several requests for better access and while we can’t do a lot about some things that are required by our licenses, etc., we are attempting to make it easier to find what we do have. We are beginning working on a series of short videos demonstrating where to find things.

A general tour of the Cedar Rapids library is finished and available thanks to Media Production/Technology Services.

We’ve also started the process of a library website redesign. Originally we hoped to get it up for Beta access this fall, but it didn’t happen because they have since decided to redesign the entire college website. We hope to get it up for spring semester. Watch our blog for updates.

PLEASE CONTINUE TO LET US KNOW if there is material you’re not finding, if something seems confusing, and remember to ASK US FOR A PERSONALIZED LIBGUIDE if you want resources tailored for just your class.

OER (Open Educational Resources) – If you are interested in using OER textbooks in your class, contact Kate Hess kate.hess@kirkwood.edu. Additional online help and in-person KCELT classes are planned for fall semester. Find out more.

Textbooks on Reserve

There were also some requests to put all textbooks or a particular textbook on reserve. The library policy is to NOT purchase textbooks. This is because given the wide range of titles used by different instructors even within a single class, the cost would be prohibitive to provide them all. If any instructor or the department wants to loan us a copy of the textbook they use, we will be glad to put it on reserve.

The circulation department of both branches of the Kirkwood libraries has material that has been placed on reserve by instructors for their students.  The instructor may bring the material to the library and fill out a reserve form or print the form online and send it to the library with the book, article, etc. (Please refer to Course Reserve Policy to determine the type of material that is allowed).

The majority of the materials are placed on closed reserve meaning they are for use only in the library. Students may make copies or scans of the required pages.

To find more information and the reserve form, go to the Library Services homepage:

     Click on:  Explore our Help Guide

     Type:  “Faculty” in Lib Guides Search Box

     Click on:  Faculty Services

     Scroll down to:  “Placing Item on Course Reserve” in the box in the lower left hand corner of the page. See Links for Course Reserve Policy and Library Reserve Form.

Thanks again

Please remember that if there is something we can do or add to our collection to help your students or you, please ask. We can’t promise to fulfill every request, but we will do our best.

Make sure you check back. Things change in the library and collections are always growing and changing.

Again, thank you for responding to our survey and look for the next one.