Brick and Cement building with entrance doors and sign that says Library

Front of Kirkwood Cedar Rapids Library 2018

A number of the most useful Kirkwood websites can be found by typing the normal Kirkwood URL http://www.kirkwood.edu and adding / plus a word. I’ve linked to them below, but honestly some of them are worth memorizing. For example, try http://www.kirkwood.edu/library

Here are some of the most useful to Memorize:

http://www.kirkwood.edu/library  – takes you to the library homepage

http://www.kirkwood.edu/booklist – takes you to a log-in page which will then direct you to a personalized list of textbooks you’ll need for the semester

http://www.kirkwood.edu/directory – takes you to the directory of faculty. Need to know your instructor’s name, office hours, phone number, e-mail, or office location?, here you go (you do have to log in to get into the directory)

http://www.kirkwood.edu/eaglenet – takes you to your normal Eaglenet information

https://www.kirkwood.edu/onestop – takes you directly to the OneStop homepage

http://www.kirkwood.edu/print – takes you to a page where you can log in and see how much you have left of the ration of play money in your printing account and all the print jobs you’ve done; you can also object if you didn’t get something printed and ask for them to put the “money” back

http://www.kirkwood.edu/talon – takes you directly to your Talon log-in page

http://www.kirkwood.edu/tutoring – takes you the tutoring page to get more information and schedule times

Less Frequently Needed, But Still Useful Links

http://www.kirkwood.edu/advising – takes you to a page where you can learn about applying, transferring, and graduating

http://www.kirkwood.edu/bookstore – takes you to the official Kirkwood Bookstore’s homepage

http://www.kirkwood.edu/calendar – takes you to the updated all of Kirkwood digital calendar, includes links on the right hand side to more focused calendars like the academic calendar with dates like finals week and scheduled college breaks (below the dark blue box) or the list of student activities

http://www.kirkwood.edu/careerservices – takes you to a page of links to information to help you get a job.

http://www.kirkwood.edu/ce – Continuing Education (non-credit classes offered to both students and the community) and information

http://www.kirkwood.edu/events – a billboard listing of upcoming events on campus, be there or be square!

http://www.kirkwood.edu/handbook – takes you to all college policies for students

http://www.kirkwood.edu/myhub – takes you to a log-in for a dashboard that gives you a lot of information from your student account information in one place

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