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One of the many databases that Kirkwood Library Services provide for students, faculty, and staff is the full text version of the Encyclopedia Britannica. Once a paper monster taking up shelves of space, it’s now fully searchable and available to all of Kirkwood on campus or (with a k-number log-in) off campus.

If you’re looking for a short review of a topic, possible keywords for other searching, or images, short videos, etc. to get your research started. Encyclopedia Britannica is for you!

Britannica Banned Books List

One of the many topics they cover is Banned Books. They’ve compiled a list of 8 frequently banned books and paired each with a photo of the author, a short description of the book, and how and why it was censored.



Want to learn more? Start off with our Credo database’s Censorship topic page. It will not only give you links of stuff to access in Credo itself, but also brings up the best stuff in our other databases. Take a look!

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