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This is a shock to many students, but there isn’t a way for a student to directly save on the Kirkwood system. Unfortunately a folder icon with their name does show up in the top left hand corner when they log in. It is not clear to the uninitiated that this doesn’t mean they have a folder.

Whenever you log out of a student use computer it wipes clean anything that was saved to the computer while you were logged in. So anything saved on the desktop or documents folder is gone!

If you’re using a Kirkwood machine as a student please e-mail it to yourself, save it on a flashdrive, or save on an online web based service such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Faculty PLEASE remind students of this fact. We get students who can’t believe they’ve lost papers on a regular basis.


We have a few of extra things to mention this month.

First, we’d like to remind everyone if you’re planning on having a library instruction session please let us know so we can get it on our schedule to make sure you get your first choice of date and time.

Second, another reminder, the library puts copies of textbooks on reserve, but ONLY the ones that faculty and departments give us. If you have an extra copy of a book you use in your class, please bring it by or drop it in campus mail.

Third, we didn’t get a report put out about the faculty survey we took this spring. We’ve got a report ready, but want to give everyone a little time to get back and into the semester before we give you something else to think about. We will be doing another Info to Know post the first week of school so be sure to point it out to your classes.

Fourth, watch for more information later, but we’ve added a database of modules to use for flip teaching Information Literacy with your class. You can choose which modules to use and skip the others. Quizzes are set up as Talon objects so they can add scores directly to your gradebook.

Welcome to Our New President

President Lori Sundburg introduces herself to Kirkwood.

Chronicle of Higher Education Articles

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A-Non Chronicle of Higher Education Article with some interesting (even if not brand new) suggestions. Click to get to tweet and again to open image file so you can read it.

Links to Some of The Books Recently Added to the Collection:

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Our Special Display This Month

We’re going to do several posts this fall sharing the information that was part of our display for Kirkwood’s 50th Anniversary. This month check out our statistics.

Our Database of the Month

Our database of the month is very unique this time. Over the summer we have added Credo Info Lit. This set of modules can be dropped into any Talon class. You can do them all or just the modules you want. Quizzes are available as Talon objects and when added that way you can tell them to feed results directly into your grade book. This is an experiment this year to see if they get use and how faculty and students like them. Please give at least one module a try and let us know. For a quick introduction and for detailed instructions on how to use it.


The Cedar Rapids library is going to be on reduced hours the week of August 13 – 17. On Wed., Aug. 15th we’ll be opening at 9:30am and will otherwise be on 8am to 5pm hours all week. The Iowa City library will be open normal summers hours that week.

For the very first time the Cedar Rapids library is going to be celebrating Welcome Week. We’ll be having a special event each day to try and encourage students to figure out where the library is located during that first week. We’re doing Movin’ and Shakin’ having food during the week, offering a photo op with Sammy the Eagle on Thursday, and games on Friday. So please come by and encourage students to come too.


We now have a special children’s area in the library.

Research Tips

We’ve Added New Videos to the Library YouTube Page

Study Says Millennials Like Books

Tech Tips

Clean out your computer to start your new school year right!

Want a Specialized LibGuide for an assignment to help your students find stuff?

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Want to schedule time in the library or for us to come into your class?

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What if the library doesn’t have a book you want?

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And remember you contact us at the library any time by phone, e-mail, chat, or stop on by! We’re always glad to see you! Look for the next issue of our newsletter. And remember you contact us at the library any time by phone, e-mail, chat, or stop on by! We’re always glad to see you! Look for the next issue of our newsletter.