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What is with the sudden influx of websites making you say OK that you’re accepting their new privacy procedures?



It’s all because of a law passed in the European Union. Europe in general tends to have tighter privacy laws than the United States. Here in the US most people are willing to sell out privacy for convenience without a second thought. For example, how many people even considered how toys attack our privacy or all those voice command devices and what all they hear.

To the European Union and Beyond!

This law is international in its reach because it states that no matter where in the world a company is based if it collects information from anyone living in the EU without adhering to these privacy standards they are leaving themselves wide open to litigation. Since it’s easiest for companies to treat everyone the same this law has effected internet users world wide.

From the ACRL blog: “The requirements break down this way: any company which holds the data of any EU citizen must provide data controls, no matter where the company or the data is located. This means that every large web platform and pretty much every library vendor must comply or face heavy fines. The GDPR offers the following protections for personally identifiable information, which includes things like IP address: privacy terms and conditions must be written in easy to understand language, data breaches require quick notifications, the right to know what data is being collected and to receive a copy of it, the “right to be forgotten” or data erasure (unless it’s in the public interest for the data to be retained), ability to transfer data between providers, systems to be private by design and only collect necessary data, and for companies to appoint data privacy officers without conflicts of interest.”

So that’s what up.


Privacy rights are quickly being corroded without anyone much noticing. This EU law (which is kind of a power grab for them to claim jurisdiction around the world) is a defense of your privacy. They may be taking better care of your privacy than you do. Or maybe not, it’s hard to know.

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