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Desk and chair with computerBeing in education means that your fresh start for the year is in August instead of January. Happy New Year!

As with January 1st, during the summer as educators and students you should look over your life and your computer and make resolutions. Take a few minutes to start out by organizing something in your life and you’ll feel better about your fresh start.

Check out these tips for a thorough electronic, online update.

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  • Clean out your recycle boxes, drafts folders, sent folders, download folders, and clean off your computer desktop down to just what you really use.
  • Ask yourself, am I using or likely to use in the future this program, file, document, etc.? If not, delete it. Overwhelmed? Take one folder or program a day and deal with it to start the day.
  • Can I make this easier to find if I do need? If so, start working on it. It may mean getting into the habit of labeling things or moving things into the folders they belong in as you go, so go ahead and handle, label and/or move anything new you produced or received this week as necessary.
  • Check for and make sure you’ve run updates, not just for Windows, but for all your free programs, browsers, Adobe, Shockwave, etc.
  • BACK UP! Back up in the Cloud or on a device that you can store somewhere off site so if your house or office would burn down or flood you’ll still have the stuff. Especially back up photos and important documents. Don’t forget to back up files and pictures on your phone and on your flash drives or memory sticks! Remember the work and memory you save will be your own!

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