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This week has been National Library Week where we celebrate all things library.  Recently we did surveys of faculty and students. We aren’t ready with a full report, but in honor of National Library Week, we thought we’d share some of the things you said. Thank-you!

  • “I think you guys do a great job!”
  • “Kirkwood and its Librarians have made Kirkwood’s Library Services a dynamic and professional resource for students and instructors to teach students’ how to conduct scholarly research, which is a skill most students will need as they progress through the rest of their education.”
  • “I always get great service from your staff!”
  • “I have found the library staff and library resources to be very helpful for students and faculty. Thank you for your commitment to helping students.”
  • “Thanks for all the help everyone. I have always had such pleasant and knowledgeable staff assisting me when I call or stop by. If there is anything that is ever lacking in services it is more than compensated by staff!”
  • “I think our library and staff are fantastic. Any time I’ve brought students for any reason, it’s been exactly what we needed and very helpful. It’s a welcoming and useful place to be.”
  • “I absolutely love your research databases so I really hope students do not lose access to this.”
  • “Nope. Just keep innovating, looking for solutions, and asking for feedback.”
  • “Best of luck with the budget cuts, you all do a great job!”
  • “I use the library website regularly and use it in my classrooms. I like the search box on the homepage: easy to use. The online books, articles, videos, etc. that I use for classes or show to students are a great resource. I also sometimes use the LibGuides. I don’t visit the physical library on the CR campus often (almost everything I need is available online!), but appreciate the fact that I can direct students there to use group study rooms, computer printing, etc.”
  • “I think Library Services are exemplary.”
  • “Keep up the great work! I have been nothing but impressed with Kirkwood’s library system.”
  • “I have been using Interlibrary loan and have been thoroughly impressed with the efficiency and am thankful this benefit is offered for staff/faculty/students.”
  • “I send all of my students there to check out a book for a report. The library is very supportive by purchasing any book I recommend to them.”
  • “I use the library and tutoring all the time. More space in library. In tutoring they help you with everything. Gold stars all around!”
  • “Continue your creative impulses.”
  • “Thanks for expanding the collection of reading materials for English language learners! It’s been nice to see some of my students accessing those resources.”
  • “The library staff is an excellent resource.”
  • “The librarians do a wonderful job of helping me and my students.”
  • “I love the video databases! I don’t use video often, but I really appreciate having both databases available. I’m gradually finding new materials and trying to incorporate them into my classes.”
  • “I know you’re looking for faculty input, but I wanted to submit this survey to offer support for your services. I regularly use your online databases and ILL and very much appreciate your help!!”
  • “I love the library and have always found the staff to be very responsive to my needs. Thanks!”