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Today’s list is of books that involve education and teaching. These titles are housed in Cedar Rapids, but you can request them to be delivered to any of the other centers at any time.

Education and Teaching

Accessing Students at the Center: Personalized Learning With Habits of Mind by Bena Kallick and Allison Zmuda, Call Number: 371.39 K146s

Affirming Diversity: The Sociopolitical Context of Multicultural Education (3rd ed) by Sonia Nieto, Call Number: 370.117 N677a

The American Public School Teacher: Past, Present, and Future by Darrel Drury and Justin Baer, Call Number: 371.1 A512

The American School 1642-1990 (2nd ed.) by Joel Spring, Call Number: 370 S769a

Among Schoolchildren by Tracy Kidder, Call Number: 372.11k466a

Assessing Teacher Performance: Performance-Based Assessment in Teacher Education, Edited by Sharon Castle and Beverly D. Shaklee, Call Number: 371.14 A8456a

Assignments Matter: Making the Connections That Help Students Meet Standards by Eleanor Dougherty, Call Number: 371.102 D732a

Authentic Instruction and Assessment: Common Standards for Rigor and Relevance in Teaching Academic Subjects by Fred M. Newmann, M. Bruce King, and Dana L. Carmichael, Call Number: 371.271 N556a

Beyond Survival: How to Thrive in Middle and High School for Beginning and Improving Teachers by Gary Rubinstein, Call Number: 373.11 R896b

Blurred Lines: Rethinking Sex, Power, and Consent on Campus by Vanessa Grigoriadis, Call Number: 371.7 G857b

Classroom Assessment: What Teachers Need to Know (3rd ed) by W. James Popham, Call Number371.26 P827c

Content Area Literacy: Strategic Teaching for Strategic Learning by Anthony V. Manzo, Ula C. Manzo, and Matthew M. Thomas, Call Number: 428.407 M296c

Daily Planning for Today’s Classroom: A Guide for Writing Lesson and Activity Plans (2nd ed.) by Kay M. Price and Karna L. Nelson, Call Number: 371.302 P945d

Dealing With Difficult Parents: And With Parents in Difficult Situations by Todd Whitaker and Douglas J. Fiore, Call Number: 371.19 W578d

Educated: A Memoir by Tara Westover, Call Number: 270.092 W536e
NOTE: The child of survivalist parents, at age 17 Tara had never seen a doctor or stepped into a classroom. Through hard work she got accepted and graduated from Bringham Young University and on through Harvard and Cambridge. Now she’s wondering if she can still connect with home too.

The Educator’s Guide to Preventing and Solving Discipline Problems by Mark Boynton and Christine Boynton, Call Number: 371.102 B797s

Essential Questions: Opening Doors to Student Understanding by Jay McTighe and Grant Wiggins, Call Number: 371.3 M175 e

Fair Isn’t Always Equal: Assessing and Grading in the Differentiated Classroom by Rick Wormeli, Call Number: 371.26 W928f

The First Amendment in Schools: A Guide From the First Amendment Center by Charles C. Haynes, Sam Chaltain, John E. Ferguson, Jr., David L. Hudson Jr. and Oliver Thomas, Call Number: 342.73 F527

The Formative Five: Fostering Grit, Empathy, and other Success Skills Every Student Needs by Thomas R. Hoerr, Call Number: 370.11 S232f

Getting Results with Curriculum Mapping, Edited by Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Call number: 375 G394

How to Thrive as a Teacher Leader by John G. Gabriel, Call Number: 371.1 G118h

Innovative Assessment in Higher Education, Edited by Cordelia Bryan and Karen Clegg, Call Number: 378.1 I586i

Instructional Strategies for Middle and High School by Bruce E. Larson and Timothy A. Keiper, Call Number: 3737.11 L3334i

Leading and Managing A Differentiated Classroom by Carol Ann Tomlinson and Marcia B. Imbeau, Call Number: 371.39 T659L

Let’s Get Real Curriculum Guide: Lessons and Activities to Address Name-Calling and Bullying by Bob Kim, Judy Logan, Daniel Nevers, and the Respect for All Project., Call Number: 371.58 M393L

Mama PhD: Women Write About Motherhood and Academic Live, Edited by Elrena Evans and Caroline Grant, Call Number: 378.1 M263 M263

Mrs. Moffett’s First Year: Becoming a Teacher in America by Abby Goodnough, Call Number: 372 G653m

Never Work Harder Than Your Students and Other Principles of Great Teaching by Robyn R. Jackson, Call Number: 371.102 J139n

The New Teacher Book: Finding Purpose, Balance, and Hope During Your First years in the Classroom, Call Number: 371.1 N532

On Being a Teacher by Jonathan Kozol, Call Number: 371.102 K889o

Overcoming Dyslexia: A New and Complete Science-Based Program for Reading Problems at Any Level by Sally Shaywitz, Call Number: 371.91 S538o

Planning Effective Instruction: Diversity Responsive Methods and Management (5th ed.) by Kay M. Price and Karna L. Nelson, Call Number: 371.102 P945p

Productive Group Work: Engage Students, Build Teamwork, and Promote Understanding by Nancy Frey, Douglas Fisher, and Sandi Everlove, Call Number: 371.3 F893p

Qualities of Effective Teachers by James H. Stronge, Call Number: 371.102 S924q

The Quality School: Managing Students Without Coercion by William Glasser, M.D., Call Number: 371.2 G549q

The Quality School Teacher: A Companion Volume to The Quality School by William Glasser, Call Number: 371.1 G549g

School Culture Rewired: How To Define, Assess, and Transform It by Steve Gruenert and Todd Whitaker, Call Number: 370.15 G886s

Seven Simple Secrets: What the Best Teachers Know and Do! by Annette Breaux and Todd Whitaker, Call Number: 371.102 B828s

The Soul of Education: Helping Students Find Connection, Compassion, and Character at School by Rachael Kessler, Call Number: 373.17 K427s

Sparking Student Creativity: Practical Ways to Promote Innovative Thinking and Problem Solving by Patti Drapeu, Call Number: 370.15 D765s

Students at the Center: Personalized Learning with Habits of Mind by Bena Kallick and Allison Zmuda, Call Number: 371.39 K146s

Teach Like a Champion: 49 Techniques That Put Students on the Path to College by Doug Lemov, Call Number: 371.3 L558t

Teach, Reflect, Learn: Building Your Capacity for Success in the Classroom by Pete Hall and Alisa Simeral, Call Number: 371.102 H178t

Teacher: Dennis Littky’s Fight for a Better School by Susan Kammeraad-Campbell, Call Number: 3737.12 L777k

Teaching to Change the World (2nd ed.) by Jeannie Oakes and Martin Lipton, Call Number: 371.01 O11t 2003

Teaching Boys Who Struggle in School: Strategies That Turn Underachievers into Successful Learners, Call Number: 371.823 C635t

The Testing Charade: Pretending to Make Schools Better by Daniel Koretz, Call Number: 371.26 K844t

Truth About Testing: An Educator’s Call to Action by W. James Popham, Call Number: 371.26 P827t

The Way We Were? The Myths and Realities of America’s Student Achievement by Richard Rothstein, Call Number: 371.01 R847w

Unlock the Einstein Inside: Applying New Brain Science to Wake Up the Smart in Your Child (2nd ed) by Dr. Ken Gibson, Call Number: 370.15 G449u

Weapons of Mass Instruction: A Schoolteacher’s Journey Through the Dark World of Compulsory Schooling by John Taylor Gatto, Call Number: 379.2 G263w

What Works in Schools: Translating Research into Action by Robert J. Marzano, Call Number: 371.2 M393w

White Teachers/Diverse Classrooms: A Guide to Building Inclusive Schools, Promoting High Expectations, and Eliminating Racism, Edited by Julie Landsman and Chance W. Lewis

Why Don’t Students Like School? A Cognitive Scientist Answers Questions About How The Mind Works and What It Means for the Classroom by Daniel T. Willingham, Call Number: 370.15 W733w

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