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Library Shelves with books with pink debate books on them

Our Debate Books Collection

Do you have to make a persuasive or argumentative speech? Do you have to write a persuasive or argumentative research paper? Or do you assign one? Do we have the both the book section and databases for you.

The most important step in researching a persuasive speech or paper is to select your topic. It should both interest you and be a topic that there are clearly at least two sides to.

HINT: Do NOT choose topics such as abortion, death penalty, etc. Everyone writes about those and your instructor would be in a much better mindset when grading your paper if you don’t make them read their 5,000th paper on one of those topics. AND you will write a better paper if it’s something that you’re at least a little bit interested in.

How do you find different and interesting topics? That’s where are debate books section comes in. It is mostly made up by two major series, Opposing Viewpoints and Current Controversies. Both series design books on a particular subject, which is then broken down to more detailed sections and then to questions for and against. Anyone of these questions would make an excellent topic. As a bonus they also give you the opposing viewpoint so you can argue against it.

The Debate books are found in a section in both the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City branches of Kirkwood Library Services. Their design makes them the easiest to browse in paper. They don’t circulate. However, we do also carry two online options.

The first is CQResearch which gives in-depth background reports that are useful for any project. You can also search for Pro/Con sections within these reports that argue both sides of an issue side by side.

The second is the Opposing Viewpoints in Context database which is put out by the same company that produces the series of books. You want to look for Viewpoints which are the same as the essays in the books. The also have direct access to a limited selection of journal articles, new articles, statistic reports, etc. which show up in a basic search. Unfortunately on the website the essays and articles aren’t paired pro and con so you may have a harder time finding the opposing viewpoint. Also, it can be hard to find all the articles within a book. Make sure you have the names of the essays from the table of contents if you want to find everything in a book online. Some recent titles may not be available online even if they are available in paper.

Ask a reference librarian if you need more help.

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Major Databases Changes came July 1st

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Our Special Display This Month

Hispanic Heritage Month

Banned Books Week will be September 24-30, 2017. Contact the library for a button to wear. Stop by during Banned Books Week or the week after to check out this year’s display. (See last year’s display.)

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Our Database of the Month

Major Databases Changes came July 1st

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Research Tips

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