Over the summer the Kirkwood Community College main page got a redesign to the list of links on the bottom of the page. If you haven’t noticed take a look now.

It used to be that there was a direct link to the library in the list at the bottom of the page. As you can see the library is no longer there. Instead you need to click on More and that will bring up a page with more links divided into sections.

You can also get to this page with more links by clicking Current Students near the top of the page.

The library is in the section about halfway down the list labeled Resources and is about half down the column of links listed within Resources.

The easiest and most direct way is just add /library after the main Kirkwood address. https://www.kirkwood.edu/library

Instructors can add several things to Talon to make it easier to find the library page. Find the instructions.

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There are also other places to find Kirkwood Library Information online.

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