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By far the most common thing in our lost and found is lost flashdrives. It’s all too easy to be printing something out and then be so concentrated on the paper copy that you forget to grab your flashdrive and in some cases even forget to log off of the computer. We get roughly half a dozen flashdrives / memory sticks / thumb drives every day. Around ninety percent of them are either Kirkwood design or, even more commonly, black. Flashdrives

Make It Easy To Find

We urge you to take a minute right now and create a word document called This Belongs To, put in your contact information, and save it to your flashdrive. In order to speed its return if you lose it and someone finds it. Adding something unique like a wrist band, lanyard, or key chain also speeds identification.

If You Lose a Flashdrive

If a flashdrive is turned into the Cedar Rapids library we turn it over to the library lost and found located at the Circulation Desk, phone number 398-5696. Students return to the library asking for these more than any other lost item so we hold them here a week. After that we turn them over to the main campus lost and found located at 230 Iowa Hall, phone number 398-5578 (they answer as student life, just ask for lost and found).

If a flashdrive is turned into the Iowa City library it is kept at the main desk, phone number 887-3613.

Bring a Flashdrive With You

It’s important to bring a flashdrive with you to the library any time you come to work on something because KIRKWOOD COMPUTERS WIPE CLEAN AS SOON AS YOU LOG OUT. Things you save on them disappear and will NOT be there the next time you come in.

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