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As your Kirkwood library, we are always trying to provide our patrons with better and more accessible information. Therefore, on February 1st, the library will begin a 30 day trial of two research databases: Credo Online Reference and Global Road Warrior.


Credo Reference is a database that, unlike Wikipedia, provides credible background information for beginning research. Credo contains over 690 books (which include subject encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases and reference handbooks), 15 image collections (featuring images of art and portraits) and 1,100 short reference videos on numerous academic subjects. A complete list of the subjects and book titles can be found on their website. Credo also provides research guides, which point faculty and students to Credo books on 58 topics including nursing, business, American literature and biology. When patrons search the Credo database, topic pages will appear that link to not only Credo resources, but other Kirkwood owned books and databases to encourage more in-depth research. Please contact your Kirkwood librarian if you need help in accessing any of these special features.globalroadwarrior

Global Road Warrior is an online database that provides in-depth cultural information on 175 countries. Topics on each country include business, society, music, education, language and more. This database would be particularly helpful to classes in international business, women’s studies, social sciences, and languages, as well as study abroad programs.

To let us know what you think, the librarians are inviting all Kirkwood patrons to complete a short online survey  (which will be available until Sunday, March 5th. From faculty, we’d like to know if you have an assignment that these databases will help your students complete– and from students – does this information look useful to you? AND if there are other resources you need, please let us know at any time. The Kirkwood Libraries are here to serve you!