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As of last semester the COMPASS test is no longer available on the Kirkwood Campus. It has been replaced by ALEKS for math and ACCUPLACER for everything else. Check in with the English department as a first step.

captureaStudy for ACCUPLACER

There are three different places to find study aides for ACCUPLACER.

  1. We recommend using the resources, study guides and practice tests available on Learning Express Library. You can log into the source from anywhere, make an account, and then search for ACCUPLACER.
  2. Find more information including sample questions, etc. on the test’s official website: https://accuplacer.collegeboard.org
  3. We have some paper study materials available on reserve at the desk for use in the library.
  • ACCUPLACER Secrets Study Guide, Call Number: 378.166 A172
  • ACCUPLACER Study Guide 2016: ACCUPLACER Test Prep and Review Questions for the ACCUPLACER Exam, Call Number: 378.166 A172a

capturebSTUDY for ALEKS

ALEKS is a very different system than what it replaced. Instead of expecting you to prep ahead of the test, it’s designed to be a support system, taking you through a training system to help build skills that you need to successfully take the test.

Taking the Tests

Students can take the tests anytime the Test Center is open (if they have enough time before closing to take the test). Students don’t have to make an appointment to take either test, but need to have 2 1/2 hours blocked out to take it during the Test Center’s open hours. You still need photo ID, but unlike COMPASS, you no longer need your social security number. This system uses your k-number for recognition. If you need to take the test and don’t currently have a k-number, you have to get one at One Stop before you can take the test. It takes a couple of days after signing up for a k-number for it to be issued and active, so faculty make sure prospective students have one if they ask about the test.

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