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I recently gave my Digital Natives program at the Kirkwood Community Colleges Collaborative Learning Days. Here are the notes and links. Even if you haven’t heard the program I think they may prove useful.

You hear the term Digital Native tossed around a lot about young people today. A true digital native would be information literate. Information Literacy, making sure people can find, evaluate for quality, and use the information that they need and think critically about it, is a big part of any library. This presentation will point out practical points that you can help people learn to evaluate and secure information. Topics covered will include website evaluation, how the Internet becomes an echo chamber of your beliefs, how to build better passwords, and the importance of a digital will.

Below you will find the links that I used in the program. I think you will find them interesting. I’ve also included a few links that I didn’t use in the program, but I think would be of interest.

Find an early version of this program online courtesy of the State Library of Iowa.

Links from Presentation And More

Information Literacy –

making sure people can find, evaluate for quality and use the information that they need

Find the longer definition from Association for College and Research Libraries.


Four Generations

Kao, Grace, Elizabeth Vaquera, and Kimberly Goyette. Education and Immigration. Hoboken: Wiley, 2013.

What Students Know

 What Do They Know? Dismissing a Viral Presumption About Millennials
Eszter Hargittai Delaney Family Professor, Communication Studies Department, Northwestern University (Quote in Program)

“Cybercrime: Hacking Goes Way Beyond Simple Identity Theft” Marc Goodman –

Online Things You Should Know

Constantly Online – Pew Research
PhotoPin to find Copyright Commons Photos
Gizmodo’s 25 Mostly Commonly Stolen Passwords from 2015
Human Memory Isn’t Good Unless It Has Been Trained
“we live in a world of misquotes.”
Password Hints from Kirkwood Community College

Double Check sources

Digital Will from DC Bar

Information Literacy Awareness


From the Information Security Office:

Iowa Information Security Office provides the Information Security Awareness Training – Summary 2016 is available to public library staff at no charge.  Libraries that would like to add their staff may contact me. I need the following information for each account created:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address (Note: each user must have a separate email address. Shared accounts are not permitted)

The office also has security awareness handouts (bookmarks and brochures) available to libraries at no charge. Libraries that would like handouts may contact office.

Alison Radl, MPA, MS-InfAs
State of Iowa
Information Security Office

Design Literacy

Do you use these design principles?

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