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What is a LibGuide?

A LibGuide is a brand of a company that makes interactive research tools that give students a leg up by gathering resources. Each LibGuide focuses on a particular topic and each one can have different types of resources as needed. So each LibGuide can have suggested book titles, links to ebooks, links to database articles, links to websites, contacts for organizations, embedded videos, etc. It can also include subject headings or alternative terms they might want to search. You may have already dealt with our LibGuides for MLA and APA citation.

Why Is It Valuable?

A LibGuide is useful for students new to the research process or new to a field of interest. It can save them time by steering them towards material the library owns in collections they may not have thought of searching or books that are related and can be applied, but aren’t EXACTLY on their topic. It can also get them to websites that have been prescreened by you or library staff to get them off the top couple of Google results.

Want a LibGuide?

If you have a particular subject or assignment you want a LibGuide for?

  1. Decide exactly what topic and what formats you want your LibGuide to cover.
  2. Make a list of resources you know you want included.
  3. Contact a reference librarian. – We’ll talk to you about the project and get a feel for what you are looking for and what kind of resources we might be able to add.
  4. We’ll send you a draft to preview and approve.
  5. We’ll publish it on the open web and you can link to it or tell your students where to find it online.
  6. It can be updated in the future. If you find additional resources or want some pulled or just want us to run a check for broken links, possible additions etc. let us know before you want to use it again and we’ll keep it fresh for you.
  7. NOTE: Please request AT LEAST 3 weeks before you want to use it with your class to give us a chance to commit time to your project.

Find a LibGuide

To find any of our LibGuides

  1. Go to the Library website.
  2. Click on the Explore Our Help Guide button (under the chat with a librarian box).
  3. Use the search box to find your topic or click on the hyperlink word LibGuides just above the title Library Help to get an A to Z list.

If you are doing research, you may also want to do a Google search with your topic and the word LibGuide to search for such guides made by libraries all over the world that might point you in the direction of new resources.

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And remember you contact us at the library any time by phone, e-mail, chat, or stop on by! We’re always glad to see you! Look for the next issue of our newsletter. And remember you contact us at the library any time by phone, e-mail, chat, or stop on by! We’re always glad to see you! Look for the next issue of our newsletter.