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For a long time Kirkwood Library Services really wasn’t budgeted for books not specifically related to classes. Two years ago we received a grant courtesy of the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation and Popular Books1were able to use to the funds to create a popular books section on the Cedar Rapids campus. The response was so positive that we are now buying popular books for recreational reading. This collection concentrates on popular, mostly YA, fiction along with a small section of graphic novels. Our goal is to increase student pleasure reading.

The popular book collection in Cedar Rapids is now located in the corner just to the left of Circulation. The shelf order is a little different than in other sections of the library. Instead of using their Dewey Number, Popular books are shelved by and labeled with the first 3 letters of their author’s last name. Popular books are easily recognizable by the yellow PB label above their spine label and the bright red label with the first letter of the author’s last name on the top of the spine.

A second part of the grant was to establish Little Free Libraries (small libraries in a box where people can take a book or a leave a book not cataloged in our collection). You can find them at the county centers around Kirkwood’s service area.

There is also a popular book section in Iowa City, so check them out! Now you know where to find popular books courtesy of Library Services, read!

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