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Do you have an assignment that requires students to be print in color? Or are you someone who needs color printing done?

Where Can You Find a Color Printer?

Color Printing

Color Printing

Color printing for students is not available at most locations on any Kirkwood campus. Also be aware that while black and white printing takes 5 cents a page off the student print ration for each page printed, color printing takes 10 cents a page. These locations were confirmed earlier this year.

  • It’s available on the Cedar Rapids campus at both the library and at the Allsop Lab in Nielsen Hall.
  • On the Iowa City campus color printing is only available in the library.
  • The Benton County Center does NOT offer color printing.
  • The Cedar County Kirkwood Center has a color printer.
  • The Iowa County Kirkwood Center has one color printer by the front desk.
  • The Jones Regional Education Center has two color printers available.
  • The Linn Regional Kirkwood Center as a color copier that can print in the office. Students have to know that and do a printer search on the student computers or has for help according to their office.
  • The Tippie-Mansfield Center Coordinator in Belle Plaine has a color printer.
  • The Washington County Regional Center has a single color printer available in the office. Students can print there from Kirkwood computers, but when the office is closed they have to find a staff member to retrieve their printing.

What Are the Steps To Print in Color?

The IT policy is that all printers must default to black and white so it’s a little more complicated than you might think to print in color, especially the first time. We STRONGLY advise people printing color at Kirkwood for the first time to ask for help and we’re glad to help you more than once.

You’ll need to:

  • Click on Print
  • Select the color printer (it will not be the default printer on any Kirkwood computer – ask at the desk if you’re unsure which is the color printer)
  • Depending on the print box for various programs the way to do this will differ, but you need to get into Printer Properties and select printing in color instead of the default of printing in black and white.
  • Often people printing in color want to print single sided to prevent color bleed through, if you do select single sided at this point. The way you select single sided differs depending on the print box that goes with the particular program you are printing from. Sometimes you have to go into printer properties, other times it will be on the opening screen of the print box. Generally you want to look for something that says double sided and uncheck the box in front, select where it says single-sided or select off from the dropdown menu.
  • Don’t forget that student color printing takes double the amount of credit black and white printing does from the Kirkwood print ration.

Color Copier?

A color copier is a machine where you photocopy a color image (paper, identity card, photograph, etc.) and prints a color image. This is different from a color printer that requires a digital image. While there are limits on where you can find color printers at Kirkwood, color copiers are even more rare. If you want to copy a color image of something you have in paper, you’re better off going to a copy shop unless you are at Linn Regional that has a color copier available for students.

Sarah Uthoff is a reference library at Kirkwood Community College. LIKE the Kirkwood Community College Library on Facebook and find links to Sarah all over the web at her About Me Profile.