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The theme of this year’s Banned Books Week is superheroes, Standing Up For Your Right to Read (September 25 – October 1, 2016).

Superheroes stand on a book fighting for their right to read

Courtesy of ALA

Stop by the Kirkwood Community College Library on the Main Campus in Cedar Rapids to see our display during the next two weeks and watch for proud banned books button wearers around campus.

Banned Books Display 2016 Wide

Banned Books Week 2016 Closeup

We celebrate Banned Books Week each year here at Kirkwood Community College, where we stand up for intellectual freedom and how our Constitution gives us the right to read whatever we want. What do people try to ban?

The top 10 books Americans tried to ban in 2015

Find links to previous years lists on this page. Click on the covers to bring up the list.

You can also find them sorted by the most frequently banned books by decade.

We sometimes get asked about booking banning and book banning in Iowa. The Iowa ACLU provides this list of such cases. You need to scroll past the boilerplate to get to the list of books banned in Iowa.

Sarah at Banned Books Week

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