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One of the all time most popular posts on this blog has been the directions on how to stop the toolbar from disappearing on PowerPoint, Word and Excel. I hope everyone will find this post about how to find the disappearing menu bar in Mozilla equally useful.


  1. Open a window of the Mozilla browser
  2. Click on 3 parallel lines in the top right hand corner near the red x that would shut the program. This is apparently known as a hamburger (top bun – meat patty – bottom bun).
  3. A box will appear. Click on Customize at the very bottom of the box. Show Hide Toolbars
  4. Click on Show/Hide Toolbars and Click on Menubar to make it appear. There should be a check in front of it.
  5. Click on Exit Customization (a green box in the bottom right hand corner)
  6. Exit Customize
  7. The menu commands (File, Edit, View, etc.) should now show at the top of the screen of your Mozilla browser.
  8. The menu gives you lots more control over the browser including the ability to open private windows.

Find more detailed instructions including more screenshots, here:


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