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If Kirkwood Community College Library Services doesn’t own a book or journal article you want, ask. We’ll look at possibly getting a copy. We also have a service where we can borrow materials from another library and lend them to you. This service is called InterLibrary Loan.

ILL Shelf

ILL Shelf

The easiest way to request this service is to find the article or book you want in our WorldCat Catalog system or directly in one of our databases, like EBSCOhost. (In EBSCOhost uncheck the Full Text box to the left of the results list to find articles we don’t own.) Open the record for the item you want to request. Look for a button or a hyperlink that says “Request InterLibrary Loan.”

Clicking on the button or hyperlink will bring up a request for you to log in with your K number and password. The first time it will ask you to answer a couple of questions. After you answer them this first time you may have to return to the item you want to request and click on the request link again.  Every time after that, logging in will always bring up a prefilled form for the item that you clicked on. Be sure to click the submit button. At that point we send the request on to other libraries to let us borrow it so we can lend it to you.

You can log in to the ILL program later and check the progress of your request. We will also contact you directly when it comes in or if there is a reason we can’t get it. The process normally takes around a week, but can be faster or slower depending on the time of year, how busy the lending institution is, etc.

Learn more and log into your account.

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