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One of the most successful technological moves we’ve made in recent years is the introduction of a scanner available to students that saves right to a flash drive/memory stick. The scanning feature is built into both copiers we have for student use.

Hand pressing control buttons on scanner

Using the Scanner

What The Scanner Does and Does Not Do

The two scanners are available to anyone with a k-number. While you are required to log-in with your k-number, scans are not subtracted from your printing ration.

There are several settings you can adjust.

It defaults to black and white, but you can scan in color. While it will SCAN in color it’s NOT a color copier.

Scan resolution ranges at preset intervals from 100 dpi – 600 dpi, but defaults to 200 dpi.

You can use the feeder to scan, but if you’re wanting to scan something double-sided you need to set it to double-sided original before you begin.

Files autosave as PDFs. You may choose to save it as a TIFF instead, but JPEG and other formats aren’t available.

Files names default as a random series of numbers. You can set to save under a particular name, but most people using the scanner don’t take the time. To find the latest thing you scanned if it’s under the number when you open the flashdrive, sort the file by date and look for the newest PDF. You can always rename them.


  • Log in with k# but LEAVE OFF k and first zero
  • Push <OK> on control panel screen
  • Push <Scanner> button on left of control panel
  • Insert flash drive into USB port on right side of control panel
  • Touch <Store File> button on control panel screen
    NOTE: While the screen where you touch “store file” looks like you should be able to send it directly to your e-mail, this feature has been disabled. You can enter your e-mail, but it won’t actually go anywhere and we often have to reset the machine if someone tries to get it to work.
  • Touch <Store to Memory Device> button on control panel screen
  • Touch <OK> button on control panel screen
  • It’s then ready to scan with the default settings. Hit the green <Start> button to begin the scan, if you want something other than the default adjust the settings before hitting the start button
  • If scanning for color, touch <Scan Settings> on control panel screen, then <Full Color>, then <OK>
  • Ask at the reference desk if you need help finding other settings
  • If feeding copies through feeder, the scanner will know when the last page went through
  • If copying by placing pages on glass, you will have 60 seconds to switch pages and hit start again if you want multiple pages in the same file. If you want individual pages in different files push the <#> key on control panel keypad after each document to break it into individual files.
  • Push the <#> key on control panel keypad when done, the copier will begin saving to the flash drive
    NOTE: Files do not actually transfer until you hit the the <#> key. If you remove the flash drive BEFORE it tells you it’s writing to the storage device and gives you the screen with the <Exit> button NOTHING will be put on your flash drive.
  • There will be a popup warning not to remove flash drive
    NOTE: The bigger the file the longer this process will take, if you’re saving a file with a lot of pages there can be some delay before the process completes. If you want documents in separate files, you have to go through the #, don’t remove, exit screen process in between each document.
  • When file is saved to flash drive, there will be a popup that it is OK to remove flash drive
  • Tap <Exit> button
  • To logout, tap <HOME> button, then <PCS Director> then <Logout>
  • Remove flash drive
  • A pdf with a long random number for a name will be saved to your flash drive

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