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There was a question on IowaLib (a librarian listserv) about how to make a resume. The State Library replied with information about Learning Express which I will include below, but I was going to answer that you could use a resume templates included in Word. Luckily I always try those things out to make sure they still work before I suggest them because our helpful friends at Microsoft have stripped those and most other templates from the program.

Missing Word Templates

The removed Word templates are available for download through the regular program and still automatically show in the online version of Office which I figure is part of the Microsoft plan to encourage people to use the online version.


How To Download With the Regular On Computer Version of Word

To download, open regular Word on your comp and use the search box at the top for “Search for Online Templates.” You have to search for resume in the box and then download from the results whatever you want to use.

Suggestion from State Library of Iowa

Note: While the information below specifically mentions public libraries, community college libraries also have access to Learning Express and so you can find the job hunting resources through Kirkwood Community College Libraries, but you have to set up a Learning Express User ID and password if you haven’t yet.

From the State Library of Iowa:

All public libraries in Iowa have access to Learning Express Library and that product does have some job hunting resources that also includes some Resume tips!

This link is to the State Library branded version of LEL but you can find this same thing under your branded version as well under Job Search and Workplace Skills under Resources.

Remember that LEL is free to every Iowa public library and that patrons just need their own account set up to access any of the content.

Find Other Kirkwood Resources

Check out Career Services on their website or call 319-398-5540.

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