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LibGuides and New Catalog2

LibGuides and New Catalog2

While you might think this post is only for instructors, if you are a student and think lessons on any of these subjects would be helpful, suggest it to your instructor. Students can also stop by the library and come to the Reference Desk for individual help on these topics and others.

Why Bring in a Librarian

Librarian are subject specialists in helping people find information. We also search for information a lot which means we are up on a lot of tips and tricks, which databases work the best for certain subjects, etc. In addition bringing in a guest speaker of any time gives that topic an outside voice and emphasizes its importance to your students.

Subjects Librarians Can Teach a Lesson On

Do you know about the wide range of topics the librarians can help your students with? Not only can we give detailed instruction and help with hands on follow up, but we also serve as an outside voice. Bringing in a guest speaker can emphasize the importance of a topic. An orientation can also avoid student confusion when you assume or they claim to understand the research steps of an assignment when they really have no idea.

So if you’ve only had a “Cook’s Tour” standard library basics orientation with your class, take a look at these other options that you may not realize we’re able to help with.

  • Personalized orientation to a particular assignment or subject – what resources do we have and how can you use them
  • Introduction to the Research Process
  • Brainstorming Research Subjects and Keywords
  • Generating Topic Ideas for Papers or Speeches
  • Google Tips and Tricks
  • Evaluating Resources in General
  • Evaluating Websites
  • Introduction to Research
  • Locating Scholarly Journal Articles in a Specific Discipline or for a Specific Assignment
  • MLA and/or APA Citations
  • Plagiarism and Avoiding It
  • Recommend Reading – Books targeted at interest level or a particular topic

Don’t see what you want? Be sure to ask. You’d be surprised at what we can come up with to do and share.

How to Schedule an Orientation

To schedule an orientation, call the reference desk (Cedar Rapids 398-5697, Iowa City 887-3612) and ask to speak to a librarian. Any librarian can help you schedule an orientation with a few basic pieces of information.

Be aware we may not be able to accommodate every requested time if orientations for other classes are already scheduled or if there are other time related conflicts, but we will do our best and normally people get their first choices for times. Please schedule early to ensure that you do.

Librarians are also available to collaborate before the orientation in order to make sure we cover what you want in the best way possible and tie the lesson into your class objectives.