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One of the really useful series we have here at Kirkwood is Culture Smart! Each book in the series covers one country in a compact form. Each one includes: local customs and traditions, history, religion, politics, home life, work, play, food and drink, business practices, communication, and dos and don’ts to fit in to the culture. Even if you don’t plan on traveling to the country, these books are also very useful for researching a foreign country or to help you understand someone from there. We have a large selection of these titles so feel free to check for a particular country or to browse, but we just got in a group of brand new ones from the series which I’ve listed below to give you an idea of the span of countries. These titles are housed in Cedar Rapids, but you can request them to be delivered to any of the other centers at any time.


Check out these previously shared titles:

Call Number: 395.52 B816c 2014 Title: Brazil Author: Sandra Branco

Call Number: 395.52 C593u Title: Uganda Author: Ian Clarke

Call Number: 395.52 F728p 2012 Title: Peru Authors: John Forrest and Julia Porturas

Call Number: 395.52 G369i Title: Israel Authors: Jeffery Geri and Marian Lebor

Call Number: 395.52 H165p Title: Pakistan Author: Safia Haleem

Call Number: 395.52 M172c 2014 Title: Turkey Author: Charlotte McPherson

Call Number: 395.52 M179e Title: Ecuador Author: Russell Maddicks

Call Number: 395.52 N825j 2011 Title: Japan Author: Paul Norby

Call Number: 395.52 R147b Title: Bangladesh Author: Urmi Rahman

Call Number: 395.52 T655g 2015 Title: Germany Author: Barry Tomalin

Call Number: 395.52 Z38e 2013 Title: Egypt Author: Jailan Zayan

Call Number: 941 N825b 2015 Title: Britain Author: Paul Norby

Call Number: 949.9 T999b 2015 Title: Bulgaria Author: Juliana Tzvetkova

Call Number: 959.3 J789t Title: Thailand Author: Roger Jones

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