Beginning with the new year all Kirkwood passwords were expired. That means before you can log into a Kirkwood computer, Eaglenet, Talon, etc. you’ll have to change your password. To do this you need to be on a computer that doesn’t have a Kirkwood log in. We have two computers available to do that in the Cedar Rapids Kirkwood library. In the Cedar Rapids computer lab and the Iowa City Kirkwood Library ask at the desk for their help in changing the password. You can also change it on your personal laptop or any other non-Kirkwood computer you have access to.

Logo for EaglenetHow to Reset Your Password

To reset or change your password:

Click on this link.

Or if that doesn’t work get there from the Kirkwood homepage

  1. Go to the Kirkwood homepage.
  2. Click on Eaglenet in the top right hand corner of the page.
  3. Click on Eaglenet for Students in the list near the top left hand corner of the page.
  4. Click on Change Password under User Account
  5. This will get you to the same page as the link above.

Be sure to follow the password advice and requirements in setting up a new password.

E-mail Log-In

Also, note that the student e-mail log-in no longer asks for your k-number, but instead wants your kirkwood e-mail address. If you are unsure of your e-mail, normally they follow this pattern:

firstname-lastname@student.kirkwood.edu (Example: joe-smith@student.kirkwood.edu)

If your first and last name are being used already, a number will be added to your email address to make it unique. If the normal pattern doesn’t work for you, ask at any service desk.

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