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Back in 2011, I had a student ask, “What does EBSCO stand for?” I remembered it was an acronym (taking the first letter from each word in a phrase to form a new word), but I couldn’t remember what it stood for and I couldn’t find it listed on their website or any other authoritative source. A quick check with Colleen Bossier,  our EBSCOhost Customer Service Representative, confirmed that EBSCO stands for:




CO (company)

I saw a web search showing up in our search statistics that directed the searcher to our blog and I realized the way they phrased their question a direct search of the blog wouldn’t bring the right post up. I also realized the title on the original post didn’t do much to help people find it (it was more general because I included some then recent information about changes that had recently rolled out in the database). I decided to repost the EBSCOhost meaning making it a little clearer with a more specific title and without the extra database information.

So to help other such seekers who would word the question the same way as the one that inspired me, the definition above may also answer the question, “what is the meaning of EBSCO? ” As long as they weren’t looking for the literal meaning this should answer their question. If they were looking for a literal meaning EBSCO means a collection of databases for research, but more information than that would be a topic for another post. 🙂

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